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Oh my god.

Oh my god.

Holy shit.

I kept staring at Nathan as he stood there, right next to the teacher.

"I know you all are confused probably. But this is an old student from this school who graduated six years ago. Most of you may know him because he is a cop in this town, but he's also my old classmate. A good friend of mine. He is going to be my help in hand for a couple of weeks because I will not be able to do some stuff," Mr. Reed said with a smile.

He was a very cheerful person, but just a little tough when it came to PE.

"So. Everyone say hi to Mr. Burn. Also known as Nathan." He leaned over to Nathan before whispering, "What do you want them to call you?"

"Mr. Burn is fine," he said with no care in his voice.

My eyes widened as realization finally struck of what was going to happen.

What was happening.


Please no.

This can't be happening. Nathan can't be the coach. I suck at PE and he will definitely see that, I thought dramatically.

Why me?

I wanted to run away, to even go over to the guys. At that moment I wanted to be a guy.

"Alright then. Now that is cleared up, go run three laps around the stadium," Mr. Reed said.

I saw Nathan send me a smile as I turned to look at him. Of course, I couldn't help but notice that he was wearing black sweatpants and a white shirt.

I almost died.

Everyone kept staring at Nathan and Mr. Reed. Not moving.

Mr. Reed rolled his eyes, before waving his hand. "Okay. What are you waiting for? Go. Before I add extra laps."

Then we began running, but I couldn't help but glance at Nathan the entire time. He was talking to the coach, but I could swear that I saw him glance at me a couple of times.

And without even thinking twice, I began running backwards.

"What are you doing, Angela? You are going to fall," Cierra questioned while running next to me.

"I'll be fine," I shrugged it off.

Cierra smirked when she noticed who I was staring at. "Ooh. Hottie alert. Stalker style. I like it. So dig you two."

I sent her a glare. "Shut up."

But Nathan was hot.

Of course I could not help but pay attention to him. From the way his hair was a little messy, due to the wind blowing at it, making it stick out in different directions. And how that white shirt clung to his fit body. And as he crossed his arms, it made the shirt cling to him like a second skin, showing off every handsome feature of him. Or those dark sweatpants that seemed to tighten as he moved.

His sneakers were cute also. Black and white.

"You're drooling. You are totally drooling," Cierra spoke up with a laugh.

I wiped the corner of my mouth with the back of my hand, surprised when I discovered that she was right. She was absolutely right. "Hush."

"Angela, I'm serious. You're going to fall and hurt yourself."

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