2 | Number 4 - Klaus

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Imagine: for Palaye_Royale_trassh

sorry it's quite short :/


Being sober was something Klaus Hargreeve's was not used to. He was used to Hallucinations shrouding his vision, being carefree, living his worst life

Until Ben and y/n changed that

Ben, number 6- who Klaus could talk to from the dead

And y/n. Y/n L/n. Number 8. In Klaus's eyes, they're drop dead gorgeous. Their eyes shine and that goddamn smile. Klaus was head over heels for them, but why would they like him?

It was an especially bad day. Klaus managed to contact his father. Let's say it wasn't your regular friendly reunion. He went to sleep that night, voices whispering and ringing in his ears

Not good enough...

A disappointment...

Y/n would never love someone like you...

The last one shook Klaus greatly. He holster upright in his bed, panting

'Klaus? Is everything alright?' Y/n poked their head in the door. He couldn't talk. His eyes were glued to the wall in front of him, he was breathing heavily

'Hey hey hey, just breath okay. Just look at me, and breath' they whispered, but it wasn't calming Klaus down like they expected. He was shaking immensely, sweat dripping down his forehead

'Klaus? Klaus! I'm here, it's okay'

'Oh fuck it'

Y/n murmured and placed their lips softly on his. Now, that bought Klaus back to reality. He thought he was imagining everything. His arms curled around their waist while y/n wrapped their arms around his neck

They pulled apart, breathless. 'Are you okay now?' Y/n smiled

'Look y/n, I like you' Klaus blushed

Y/n grinned. 'I like you too Klaus'

He paused, turning back round to look at them

'Really?' He sat shocked, as y/n beamed and kissed him again as Klaus picked them up and span them around, making y/n laugh and bury their head in his neck

Turns out being sober isn't that bad after all.

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