1 | Number Five

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The day had come. Finally.

My father's death.

I was happy, to say the least. I was Reginald Hargreeves ACTUAL daughter, so I had to try and fit in with a bunch of adopted kids who had powers

I wasn't a big fan of the 7 kids who turned up at my house one day. I felt confused. Intimidated

Until I started spending more time with them. They were just regular kids, when they weren't fighting crime of course

It was like my dad was turning them into robots.

But there was a member of the Umbrella Academy who I was very close too

And his name?

Number 5

He was, well, different. Compared to other kids who had names, he was never given one. But he was probably one of the strongest out of them all

He could time travel

(Pretend y'all were 15)
* * * FLASHBACK * * *

I was sitting in my room, reading, when I felt a knock on my door.

'Hey, y/n. Do you think we could talk?' Number five stammered as I smiled nodding

'So what's up? Are you okay Five? You're really shaky' I Grabbed his hand, making him calm down a little but also making him go bright red

He looked me in the eye as he spoke. 'Look y/n, I like you. Like, really really like you. I understand if you don't feel the same way of course. I mean, there are plenty of guys better looking than me. Like-' I cut him off my smiling and kissing him on the cheek

'Of course I like you idiot. Couldn't you tell?' I giggled as he went bright red again
'Really? In that case, how would you feel being my girlfriend...'

He waited anxiously for an answer as I smirked and kissed him on the lips.

Things carried on from there.

Before or after mealtimes, Five would use his teleportation to teleport us around the house so we could kiss- it was a secret after all.

They would be sneaky places of course. Like his room (where no one went because it was in the attic) or the cellar (again, prohibited)

Until we got caught. Not completely of course, my dad never found out, it was Allison who saw us

It was after meal time, and I Had excused myself to go to the toilet, and Five made the excuse that he had work to do

He quickly teleported me to his room and kissed me. I kissed him back and felt my back hit on of the cold walls. He lifted me up.
'Should we be doing this now?-'' I gasped as he worked his way down my neck as I ran my fingers through his hair

'Why not? Plus, I know you can't resist me' he smirked and kissed me again as I sighed

Things continued for a little while, before I heard footsteps coming up the stairs

'Hey Five I was wond- HOLY SHIT' Allison screamed as Five went to cover her mouth

'Zip it Allison, we're gonna get caught! He snapped' making her step back

She began smiling. 'Aw yay! I'm so happy for you guys! Even though I walked in on you guys making out... but anyway! I won't tell dad if that's what you're thinking'

We sighed in relief

'I'll just tell him I saw a spider and y/n and Five ran to help' she shrugged, still grinning at what the discovered. 'How long?'


'How long have you two been dating, silly!' She laughed

Five smiled, 'around two months. You cannot tell ANYONE, 3. Not even Luther'

'And we know about your relationship with him' I smirked as Allison went red

I quickly grabbed my blazer from Fives chair, before pulling him into a kiss. 'We'll meet tomorrow, yeah?'

I nodded before he kissed me on the head, and Allison pretended to barf

'Get a room you two!'

* * * END OF FLASHBACK * * *

I laid on my bed and sighed. I missed Five. I missed his hugs, his kisses, everything. But he's an old man now. I was in a coma for 25 years meaning I'm still a 14 year old

'You okay y/n?' Diego opened my door slightly, and sat down on my bed next to me

I nodded, and sat up to look at him. I don't think of them as my siblings, and they don't think of me as a sibling. Just a 'roommate'

'Is Five coming?' I looked down to play with the hem of my shirt.

'I don't know. I know today's hard for you, and you probably wanna see him, but remember,'

'He's grown up now. I'm still a bloody child' I groaned, laying back down

Diego chuckled. 'Still the diva I remember'

'Hey!' I scowled, whacking him with my pillow, making us both laugh

'But I cheered you up' Diego smiled and shrugged. 'Now lets go find the others' I hugged him tightly

'Thank you. I just miss him'

'I know'

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