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Sakshi is a simple Indian girl. She is a bright student. Everyone in her family sees her with pride in their eyes. She never lets anyone to get disappointed. Any person from outside their family can say that she will be the perfect wife and the perfect daughter-in-law. She got many proposals but in last her father chose his old friend's son Raghu.

Raghu can be described as simple as a player. Doesn’t have any care for the world, looks are the only thing that matters to him. His parents want someone to get him married to and set him in straight line. Who is better than Sakshi? No one! So it's settled.

Rakesh is Raghu's younger brother who is also Sakshi's school mate. He is popular but decent. We can just say he is perfect son and gentlemen. Loves his brother and can do anything to protect him. But will take mostly rash decisions. 

Life can never get bored from these three....

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