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Recap: "GOOD GOD! AGAIN? CAN'T THE PAPZ GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY LIFE?!" Dylan screeched while Troian, Colby and Taylor tried to get her to calm down.

"Wait. Again?" Nathan asked and Dylan started crying, jumping into his arms weeping.

Zayn's POV

At first Dylan tensed but then he started to rub soothing circles on her back.

"Babe? What do you mean again?" He asked once she stopped shaking violently.

"Well whenever I'm seen with a guy they just assume we are dating and make up ship names and other cute shit." Dylan started at the doorbell rang. A girl walked in with bright blue eyes and dirty blonde wavy hair. She waved at all of us.

"Hey! Im Reese and- Oh my gosh! What happened?" She gasped running over to her best friend.

"Okay, let me start over," Dylan stated. "Whenever I'm seen with a guy the papz automatically assume we are dating and make up cute couple names and more shit like that."

"Who has that happened with Dyl?" asked a very concerned looking Niall, they seemed to be very good friends even though they have only known each other for 2 days.

"Well a lot of people lets see um, Justin Bieber, Ryan Good, Julian Morris, Ian Harding, Keegan Allen, Darren Criss, Justin Thorne, even Siva and Tom, I mean they weren't completely wrong about Tom but you get my gist. Then once I'm seen with another guy while still supposedly 'dating' the other guy I get a shitload of hate about how I'm such a slut and how I'm cheating and stupid things like that , those don't bother me but I get death threats! Over being seen with a guy!" She says in one breath ranting and putting the air quotes around 'dating'. We all gasp and I open twitter.

Zayn Malik: Guys me and @DylanOfficial are NOT dating! Don't hate on her! Xx

After I tweet that the other lads all follow my lead.

Harry Styles: don't hate on @DylanOfficial don't call her a whore because she isn't! X

Niall Horan: If you hate on one of my best friends @DylanOfficial then you are an evil being.

Nathan Sykes: @DylanOfficial has been my best friend for such a long time! If you insult her you insult me.

Thomas Parker: If you hate on us or @DylanOfficial then you aren't getting any cooler

Jay McGuiness: Don't hate on @DylanOfficial she is like that little sister I've always wanted.

Siva Kaneswaran: If you hate on @DylanOfficial it's not going to get you attention from us

Liam Payne: get a proper job you dicks

Louis Tomlinson: @DylanOfficial keep your head up lass! For every hater there are 100 fans.

Max George: @DylanOfficial keep your head up.

Dylan Moore: Okay guys don't hate me because im friends with a lot of guys if you don't know me then you cant judge me kay im not a whore or a

Dylan Moore: Slut if you want attention try to get it by saying you like this or that not by hurting people okay im not a freaking robot I have a heart

Dylan Moore: aren't you guys supposed to be fans if u r a fan hen you respect who they get together with u don't have to like them but respect is a must

Troian: I heard you are all bitching on my best friend? No... just no #dylanisperf @DylanOfficial

Taylor Swift: girl stay strong your brilLIAM! :) #dylanisperf @DylanOfficial xx, tay<3

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