Chapter 31: Fake smile

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"That was a low blow, I thought we were gonna move past the prison break," Terrence whined.

"Bitch, you thought." Lilianna laughed.

"Fine I'll let you be sassy all you want, just give me the remote so you can stop having an unhealthy obsession with that blonde woman on the news. Those reports aren't helping you or me." He tried to bargain.

"How about you let me wallow in my self-pity and wonder if there's still hope for me?" She retorted.

"Always so feisty." He chuckled, suddenly lunging across the bed for her.

Lilianna screamed, ducking away from his grasp and bolting back out of the room. "Bye Otis!"

"Run! Run Lilianna! Run fast and run far!"

Lilianna jumped down the stairs, running across the lower floor of the mansion. She sprinted past the kitchen where Mikale and Commodore sat on their laptops.

"Why are you running in the house?" Mikale screamed, craning his neck to look into the hall further. Terrence ran by just as he spoke, making Commodore burst out laughing.

"Oh, young love. How adorable."

"Shut the fuck up, she hates his bitch ass." Mikale laughed.

"Not for long." Commodore shrugged.

Eventually, Terrence caught up to her and grabbed her by the waist. She shrieked as he lifted her in the air and held her to his chest. "Give it!"

"Gimme gimme never get, don't you know your manners yet!" She screamed, curling her body around the remote she still clung to.

"What are you, a five year old? Cut it out and give me the converter!" He laughed, shaking her through the vibrations in his chest.

"I refuse to give in to your requests!" Lilianna giggled, kicking her feet wildly.

"You know, I fight guys twice your size. I can hold you here like this until you fall asleep." He shrugged.

"Oh, so because I'm a tiny human you think I can't outlast you? Fight me!" She gasped, wriggling in his arms more.

"If we fought I'd win after one touch." He shook his head.

"I'm offended by the notion that you assume I am not capable of self-defense."

"Not in the way I know, no. Remember who you're talking to, kitten."

"There's a reason I was your therapist, you don't scare me that easily! Especially not now that I know your mother and the fact that you own a massive chow-chow named Baloo of all things considered." She retorted with confidence.

"What are you gonna do? Snitch to my mama?" He grinned.


"I'm not scared of her."

"Oh really? Funny, because the last time you saw her she chased you around the kitchen with a wooden spoon and you screamed like a frightened child." She smirked, glancing at him over her shoulder.

"So?" He snorted, fear in his eyes.

"You hid behind me, remember?" She added, his face confidence dropping.

"Doesn't matter, she can't help you now!" He brushed the comment off and tried to grab the device with one hand while the other kept her against him.

"No!" She squealed, her grip loosening on the object as he tugged it away from her. It finally slipped from her fingers and his arm shot above his head.

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