Chapter 3

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I woke up hungry

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I woke up hungry. Starving. I could barely contain myself, but I stayed in bed. I remembered what Tec had told me and I decided I would wait until someone came and got me... But shit. I was so hungry. I writhed and cringed, tossed and turned but there was nothing that helped. It was hunger unlike any I had ever felt.

I was about to claw my own eyes out when there was finally a knock on the door. I sprang out of bed and almost tore the door off its hinges.

"I see you're up," Tec said softly. "Come on. We'll see to end that hunger."

I followed him out on the street and into a nearby park.

"Lots of people get lost here. And turn up dead here. You remember how I gave you life?"

I nodded.

"It was us forming a circle that created your second life. My blood got exchanged with yours, so my blood runs in your veins, just as yours does in mine. You're my family in all aspects that matters. Blood ties us together. And that is why blood will also sustain you now. Without forming the circle, you take life. Life, you're in every right to take as one of my children."

I understood and I didn't understand. Everything he said felt so right, but logically it made no sense at all.

He took me further into the darkness of the park and then we waited. Waited until a lone man appeared. He was dragging his feet over the pebbled path, obviously not watching where he was going.

It hadn't even occurred to me how well I could see in the dark until I realised he was following the small street lights. And I didn't need those lights. Sounds were clearer. I could even taste salt in the air from the sweat pouring off this guy.

"Can you smell his deodorant?" Tec murmured.

I nodded.

"Good, you're learning fast. He's yours. Take him." He put his hand on my back and gently pushed me forward.

I stalked towards him like a girl on a mission. I guess I was a girl on a mission... I could hear his pulse, almost tasting his skin already.

He turned towards me and was about to say something, but I stopped him. My hand landed on his mouth, pushing his head to the side, while my teeth sunk into his throat. Blood sprayed into my mouth, warm and soothing.

It didn't taste like I had expected it to taste. It didn't taste metallic but sweet. Like I had imagined flowing sunlight would taste. I could actually taste the sun and heat in his blood and I couldn't stop. It was infuriating and liberating and I soon started to feel a little drunk.

I could feel his pulse vibrate through my body, making it rock in the same rhythm.

"That's enough," Tec murmured softly in my ear, and I let the body of the guy go. It dropped limply down on the ground.

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