chapter three

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"He's late. What a surprise," I mutter to myself as I sit in an empty conference room. Well, Maria was also sitting behind me. I found myself whispering, "I won't be surprised if he doesn't show up, either."

It had been ten minutes and I was growing irritable - I could be doing other things right now but I have to stay here. I rolled my eyes as I looked through the papers in front of me. "Maria, if Cameron doesn't show up in ten minutes, feel free to have one hour of lunch. I'm just gonna pop to my office."

"Okay. Thanks," she said and I walked out. I huffed to myself in frustration and walked down into the elevator, going back up to my floor. My phone began to ring, and without looking at the caller I answered.

"Hello, Melinda Marcellano?" a male voice asked.

"This is she," I mumbled as I entered my office, picking up my coat and bag.

"I'm sorry to be informing you of this, but your husband has been in a horrible car accident. You were his only emergency contact, and he's currently being prepped for surgery at St. John's Hospital." The voice said, very fast.

"Is this a prank call? I don't have a husband," I laughed. And then it hit me. "Wait-"

"Uh," the voice said, then I heard shuffling in the background. "Miss, are you familiar with the name, Cameron King?"

I suddenly found myself struggling to breathe. I was still his emergency contact?

"Oh, God. He's my ex husband. What's- is he okay?"

"I can't discuss further details on the phone, Miss. I'm only meant to inform you. I'm sorry. Come to the hospital as soon as possible for updates of his surgeries. Goodbye,"

That was the weirdest call ever.

But it explains everything! I let out a shaky breath and slid my coat on and slung my bag over my wrist. I didn't have time to let Maria know what was going on, so I rushed back over to the elevator in a stressful mess. I very much dislike Cameron, but I've never been so worried about him in my life. I've never had to come into contact with him in a hospital before and I'm praying that he's alright.

I felt like I couldn't breathe right, and I had to calm myself down once I was sitting in my car. I couldn't drive like this, after all! Even though the hospital really isn't far from work. "Get it together, Linds." I tell myself and I exhale.

The amount of times a day I tell myself that.

The drive to the hospital was quick. I passed the scene on the way, and Cameron's car was wrecked; I couldn't imagine the state he'd be in, how he'd look. And after all these years, he still drove the one that I got for him. It kinda hit close to home - the emotions were starting to run real high.

Once I had got there I didn't bother paying for parking so I rushed straight up to the emergency unit. A lady was sitting at the desk so I ran up to her. "Cameron King? Can I have an update? Please?" I say, hurried.

"What's your relationship with this gentleman?" She asked me, typing away at her computer.

"I'm his- wife?"

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