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"Do you think mum will be okay with the kids?" Harry asks Louis nervously, as they walk down the street hand in hand.

"She will be fine, baby. Plus we're not going to be very long..."

"I know," Harry sighs. "I just miss them..."

"So do I, my love."

They make it to their destination. The tattoo shop. They both decided to get matching tattoos. With each others name, and their kids names.

They walk into the shop, and are met by a large guy, covered in tattoos.

Harry stands behind Louis a bit, feeling safer behind his Alpha.

Louis hates being an Alpha sometimes.

"G'day boys. What can I do for you?" the man flashes his pearly whites at the boys.

"We'd like to get a tattoo," Louis specifies, since they also do piercings, and other stuff here too.

"Great! Well I'm Rodger. I'm the guy who does the tats. So come this way then, boys!" they both follow Rodger into the back room.


"I'm so glad we got these done, Lou," Harry comments, staring down at the names, written in fancy writing, on his wrist.

"So am I, darling," Louis tells Harry, whilst continuing folding some clothes, while Harry is in bed, getting some well needed rest.

Louis seems a little off. He keeps spacing out, and it's confusing Harry. What's wrong with him?

"Lou?" Harry says, just above whisper.

"Yes, baby?" Louis asks, putting a top he has just folded down, and getting onto the bed next to Harry to give him a kiss.

"Are you okay?" Harry asks, carefully.

Louis brushed a piece of hair out of Harry's face. He hums, smiling at Harry.

"I'm fine, my love. Just nervous is all."

Harry scrunches his eyebrows in confusion.

"Nervous about what, babe?" Harry reaches his hand to Louis', and takes it in his hand.

"Im just-I can't get over nearly losing you..." Louis says, sadly.

"Lou, babe. I'm here, okay? And I'm not going anywhere, ever. You have me for life."

Louis stands up, takes a deep breaths, and goes over to his back pack.

He gets out a book, and walks back over to Harry.

"Here you go, Haz. The book you've wanted for like ever." Louis passes him the red covered book.

"Oh my gosh! Louis!" Harry says, taking the book into his hands, holding it against his chest. "You got me, love Simon!"

Louis sits back on the bed, on Harry's side this time.

"Open it, babe."

Harry does, and gasps as he sees the first full of words.

"What's this?" Harry asks, not reading it yet.

Louis let's out a puff of breath, and rubs his hands together. "Just read it, baby."

Dear Harry Edward Styles.

From the moment I met, I knew you were the one. The moment we bumped into each other, I wanted you to be mine. I needed you too.

You're the only person in the world with whom I want to spend the rest of my life with.

I love you to the moon and back, and to infinity and beyond. I would die for you. I can't do everything, but I'd do anything for you, my love.

You're the most incredible person I have ever met. Honestly. You're smart, kind, caring, talented, beautiful, and somewhat funny. I'm joking, you're extremely funny.

I know nothing is planned out, or organised. But all I know is I want to be together forever.

Soooo, I hope you're not mad I ruined your book. :(
I just knew it was your favorite movie, and I wanted to write this to be special...

(Ill buy you a new one, if you want x)

Anygayyy. We've went off track. What I'm trying to say is.

Harry Edward Styles, will you do me the honour of being my husband.

I love you so, so much. X

Love, Louis.

Harry gasps, and looks up, choking on a sob. Louis is on one knee, holding a ring.

"I love you, Harry Styles. More then anything. Please be my husband..."

Harry puts his hand over his mouth, and nods quickly.

"Yes, yes, yes, yes!" Harry says, loudly. He pulls Louis onto his feet, and hugs him tightly.

Louis starts crying as well, ring dropped on the bed, as he grips Harry tighter.

Louis pulls back, and wipes his eyes, before grabbing the ring off the bed.

Harry puts his hand out for Louis to slide the ring on.

Once it's on, Louis kisses Harry on the forehead.

"I love you, fiancé," Louis tells Harry.

"I love you more, future husband."

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