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I tried to climb out of bed but Kylie's arms had a death grip around my neck. I struggled around a little bit and eventually I managed to climb out of bed, seeing that Kylie was still asleep somehow.

I checked the time to see that it was around 11am, meaning I had about an hours before Ryan would show up to come collect me.

I quickly slipped a shirt on and a pair of trousers along with some socks before heading out of the door and down the hallway towards the kitchen. I stepped inside and I began to make my self a bowl of cereal.

I was then interrupted by the sound of the kitchen door opening. I turned around to see Jerome standing in the doorway.

Jerome: you're up early today, what's the occasion?

(Y/n): j-just going to see a friend is all

Jerome: ah well I best be off, remember to be safe!

He grabbed his suitcase before walking out of the door briskly and towards the front door where he was met by Julie.

I went back to my cereal but again I was interrupted but this time by a pair of arms slowly snaking their way around me.

I turned around to see Kylie had woken up. I smiled as she sleepily hugged her self into me. I felt my face turn a flushed shade of red as she began to slide her hand across my body.

I managed to pry Kylie off as I sat down at the breakfast bar, eating my cereal. Kylie slumped down next to me while trying to stay awake.

Kylie: do you have to get up so early?

(Y/n): it's 11am Kylie...

Kylie: it's still early...

She mumbled to her self as she fought to keep her eyes open. I watched as her head began to droop slightly. I continued to eat my cereal as Kylie then realised what I was wearing. She looked me up and down before raising an eyebrow.

Kylie: what's with the get up huh?

(Y/n): well I did say I was going to meet Ryan today

Kylie: well I probably wasn't listening...

She smirked at me. She seemed to have woken up a bit now which was probably not a good thing for me at all.

I finished up with my breakfast before placing it on the side of the kitchen before heading out of the kitchen and towards the front door.

Before I could make it, I was suddenly pulled back and into someone's grasp.

I looked up and obviously it was Kylie hugging me again.

Kylie: look, we don't know this guy fully yet so if things start to go south, promise me you'll run back here okay?

I nodded before she kissed my head, causing me to blush. She let me go and waved me goodbye as I ran out of the door and towards the gate. I could see Ryan down at the bottom of the driveway and outside of the gate. He noticed me and smiled at me.

Ryan: hey man, what took you so long!

(Y/n): s-sorry! Kylie wouldn't let me leave!

I swear i could see his eye twitch from this but he quickly flipped back to happy. Something wasn't right about him and I wasn't sure what it was.

I opened the gate and I stepped outside as it began to close behind me.

(Y/n): so, where are we off to now then huh?

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