Team Hamster With A Special Help

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Moonbyul and Wendy brought all the stuff they need to Irene place. While Solar was comforting Irene, Wendy called Joy over to talk to her.

"Sooyoung-ah. I want you to stay here with the other two! If safer here. I know you're just new agent and as much as I want you to come with me for experience, but it's dangerous...."
"That's fine, who's gonna watch over those two, just make sure you come back alive okay!"
"Yea I promise" said Wendy as she went on her tippy toes to kiss Joy.

Joy went back to Irene and Moonbyul called on Solar.

"Yongsun- ah! I'll be back okay!"
"Yah you better, if you don't I don't know what I'd do without you!!!"
"Ahhh my yeba!!! don't worry I promise!" Moonbyul said and then kissed Solar.

Both Wendy and Moonbyul went over to Irene and told her to not be worried, they will do everything to make sure Seulgi comes back.

"Hey Irene, we'll be leaving now!"
"Moonbyul... Wendy... please make sure she comes back! If anything bad happens to her....."
"Nothing bad is gonna happen to Seulgi" Moonbyul cut Irene.
"She's strong! And we want you to be strong as well. For Seulgi" Wendy added.

Irene just nodded with a scared look on her face.

"We're having Joy to be in charged. Let her know if there's anything unusual outside" said Wendy.
"Also, I want everyone to put on these ear pieces. It's so that we can talk to each other without having to use a phone, because those can ruin our cover" said Moonbyul.

As Wendy and Moonbyul are walking towards the door, Wendy reminded Joy to look every door and windows. Walking towards the car Wendy and Moonbyul were having a chat.

"Man...!!! They really got Seulgi....." said Wendy.
"Hey are you alright Moon?"
"You can tell me"
"Those guys who took her are the same guys who killed her parents. She just found out last night. And if something bad happens to her...."
"YEA." Moonbyul sniffled.

Moonbyul started the engine and started driving. The first place they went to was the SM company. They went there to have a talk with their boss Mr. Lau.

"Hey Henry we got a code red, Seulgi has been kidnapped by a group in YG. The name is big bang." said Wendy.
"Do you guys need backup?" said Henry.
"Yes, do you have any group available for us?!?" Moonbyul asked.
"Yes! But there is only one group left"
"What group are they?"
"It's Blackpink!"
"With all due respect Henry, Blackpink works for YG and the men that took Seulgi works for YG!!!!" said Moonbyul angrily.
"Those men that took Seulgi are runaways. They no longer work for YG. And YG is on our side, in fact the CEO of YG asked us for help. He needs those men behind bars as soon as possible!"
"Alright... can i get their names?"
"Yeah it's Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa"
"I'll give them a call and I'll send them your location"

Moonbyul and Wendy went to the weapon room and grabbed everything they need and sprinted to the car to find Seulgi.

"Hey it's Jennie from Blackpink, I heard about your friend! I know your planning to go to the YG company but I think I know where exactly Big Bang brought her"
"Can you text me their location!"
"Yea, me and my members are already here."
"Okay I'll be there in 5 minutes"
"Oh and by the way don't be rushing to go and save her, from what I've been hearing since I came here is her screaming and another person. And so if you interfere they might kill her"

Moonbyul didn't respond but started to tear up. Wendy hang up the call and looked at Moonbyul who was crying.

"Don't worry about her! She'll stay strong. I PROMISE"

Moonbyul wiped her face and nodded. She feels so hurt that her best friend is suffering right now. She's afraid that by the time they get there it is already too late.

To Be Continued.

(*DDU-DU DDU-DU. So yea BlackPink is here...:")))❤️


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