Chapter 7

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I stared at him for a moment, then Toby looked at him like a dangerous insect that had to be squashed quickly. Jeff had one hand on the door frame, and the other on his hip. "So, you two making out in here, huh?" He smiled like a serial killer, which was frightening me. I put a hand on Toby's arm, not wanting him to charge after him. I saw Jeff stare at me, which was scaring me, the look in his eyes frightened me even more. He was like the devil himself. He looked at me then at Toby, who was still staring at him. Jeff clasps his hands together, then he walked in through the door and grinned. "So, what did I miss you two?"
"Nothing," I spoke quickly to get his attention off Toby.
"Well, I must of miss something, so, why don't you tell me?"
"Jeff, there is nothing. Okay."
He started towards me. I backed away from Toby, but Toby put his arm around my hip, making me stay by his side.

"Don't you even think about it, Jeff." The anger in his voice made me slightly jump and scared at the same time. Jeff looked at me then he drew back his attention towards Toby. "Well, Toby, I really would like to know more about Abigail. So. Why don't you tell me?" The way he said my name was smooth like silk. "Jeff you may go."  His playful smile turned into a dangerous smile, which petrified me.
Jeff smirked at Toby, "well, I should be heading out-" there was a pause. "Oh, and Abigail, someone is out there, to get you."
He walked out before I could even protest. Toby just gave me a soft but hard expression. I wonder what Jeff meant by that someone is out there to get me. Now I'm really frightened.

After a quick little snack, I quickly grabbed my purse and car keys, I had to look at Hailey's body, to see what really happen. When I got there, I saw police officers scattered around like rats. I quickly made my way towards where the dead bodies are kept. I quietly went in, I looked back to make sure no one followed. When I got in, I felt a chill run up my spine, I looked at my skin and saw goosebumps up and down my arm. You can play connect the dots with these. I looked for Hailey's name, I searched for last names. I scanned through until I stopped at one. It said "Hailey fields." I was scared to find her body in here, but it's worth trying to get some answers. I got a grip of the handle, I don't know why, but I was afraid to open it.
I open it a slight crack, just so I could get a little peek. When I opened it, I saw nothing. I just saw a little sticky note. "Where did she go?" I picked up the sticky note to see who it was from. It said. "You my girl, aren't going to find her here." Who could have written this? When I looked beneath the scattered letters, I saw something. It said. "-A." What is that supposed to mean? I quickly grabbed it and I stuffed it in my pocket. I felt a buzz. I slightly jumped at it. I then realized that it was my phone. I quickly got my breathing under control. Gosh, I should have put it on silent. I heard a Click. I looked back and quickly ran to the door. I wiggled the doorknob but it wouldn't budge. "Why won't it open?" I tried again and again. It still wouldn't budge. I felt another buzz. "Who could that be?"

I glanced at my phone. A random number? 
I looked at the message. "Well, darling? What happened?" Who the heck is this person? "Who is this?" I waited for a response but it didn't come. I wonder who is this guy? I tried to pick the lock but it was impossible. I didn't know who the killer is in the first place. Who wants to be looking for me? Things started flooding through my mind, I couldn't concentrate. I had to get out of here, when I tried for the door again, I heard heavy footsteps coming towards me. I quickly looked around for something to protect me. I then saw a blue broom, I quickly grabbed it and held it like a baseball bat ready to hit a ball, which there is no ball for me to hit. When the door was unlocked, I quickly swung the broom not realizing who was in front of me, I heard a grunt. I quickly glanced to see who was in front of me, and it was Toby.  "Abigail, what the heck. Why do you have a broom? Also, why are you here? " He grabbed the broom from me and laid it across the ground. He then pulled me out of the room, leading me somewhere, which I don't know. He sat down and he brought me to his lap. "Abigail what happened." I was scared to tell him about the body being gone and the creepy text that I got.

"Well, okay. I'll tell you. I went looking for the body so that I could get some answers. Also, I got a creepy text from an unknown number." His face wasn't serious nor mad, it was just a kind and soft expression. As I told him more about it, I felt a buzz, I realized it was my phone. I didn't want him to see, I had to figure this out on my own. He took me back to campus, I didn't want him to worry about me. I have so many things on my mind, first the killer, second the body, and now the creepy text. Who could be doing this? Toby walked me to my room. I didn't bother to look at my phone until I got in my room. When we were in the car it was silence the whole entire time. I couldn't tell if he was concerned or if he was mad at someone. I checked my phone when I felt another buzz. It said. "Better watch what your saying darling or your next sweetheart." Underneath the text, it said. "-A." Now I'm starting to get frightened. I felt the buzz again. "I think you already know darling. -A."

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