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the cold ground pressed against his face, tears clashing with the sudden contact. sirens could be heard as multiple police men dragged him by his hair and shoved him into a car. memories of what happened before his eyes, as if everything was in slow motion.


he remembered going to a local bar with his friend taemin, the two deciding to relax after hours of grueling practice. it was harmless, they just wanted a few drinks. he didn't even want to go but his friend pleaded, saying that 'you need to let loose more! you're young, life is short! live in the moment!'. he couldn't help but tag along. as soon as they entered the bar, an unknown man had approached taemin, a glint in his eyes that screamed dangerous. before he could even separate the two's quarrel, his friend had been knocked out by a white-knuckled fist. and boy, was taemin angry. he was fuming, pissed off, you could go on and on about how mad he was. it was as if they moved faster than light, throwing punches and bloody knuckles everywhere, which soon led outside in a dark, dark alley. he tried his hardest to split the two but the only response he'd get was a kick to his stomach, knocking him straight on the floor. it was painful, it was so painful that he could feel his breath getting shorter, shallower, unbearable. 


he looked up only to cover his mouth from any sounds.

his own friend had murdered the man in cold blood. his lifeless, cold body, lying in an alley. you could say it was the alcohol, but he saw something different in taemin's eyes. eyes filled with ecstasy, anger, and insanity. he couldn't even utter a single sound, only tears. after seconds passed, taemin snapped out of his own trance, only to see a dead body lying on the ground. what had he done? 'it was the alcohol, right?' taemin manically laughed to his friend. 'you're not going to tell anyone, right?' 

all he could do was cry, cry like a weakling. he was shaking, his gaze dropping to the ground in fear. he was afraid. afraid of his friend. his mind was racing, thoughts putting his brain into overdrive. 'you little bitch!' taemin growled, taking a step closer to him before a squeal of fear came out. he chuckled as he lifted the boy's chin, looking back at his friend lying on the ground. 'since i can't do anything, i'll hand it over to you. good luck getting out of this.' he threw the gun at him as he dashed off, not even sparing a glance behind him.

he laid there, tears in his eyes, hugging himself, blood splattered across his face, the floor, and the walls. he didn't know what to do, but all he knew was to call the police. they would find taemin, right? they'd arrest him and be on their merry way.



he snapped out of his own thoughts, looking up as he saw the judge slam his mallet. "the jury has decided the verdict is guilty. case adjourned."

he cried with all his might, struggling to run away as the guards dragged him away. far, far away to a place; a place in which nightmares were real human beings.


it was as if his fate was sealed, those metal bars clinking shut and despair filling the room. he looked around for anyone, anything. the only thing visible was a raggedy, old bed, providing some comfort as he slipped under its thin covers. he dried his tears with his sleeve as he drifted off into a deep sleep.

and so, there lied a boy by the name of park jimin, wrongly charged of a crime, whose life was about to change.

a/n 4/28/20: im back, so sorry for disappearing off the face of the earth !! im working on the second part as of now, as well as revising everything and  planning out the schedule. thank you for your patience, and again i apologize.

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