My eyes 2 - Chapter 7

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"I can't believe it's finally the day of the ENEM." Eliza was still lying on the bed, trying to find force to fight the mysterious force that pulled her to the pillow. "I don't feel ready at all..."

"I told you the day would come like that." Bianca snapped her fingers on the other side of the line. "But no, you said there was time and fooled around..."

"Well, you should've told me no. Aren't you the responsible one on this relationship?"

"I'm not! And I tell you! But you kept insisting and I..."

"You should've resisted! Where's your self-control, woman?"

Eliza knew she was being unfair, but couldn't resist teasing Bianca. Red's been too sensitive on this topic lately, the girl remembered. She thinks if I fail, my mom's gonna blame her... Like I wouldn't do that on my own.

"Like I could resist you when you kiss me like that," Bianca whispered over the phone.

Even without seeing, Eliza could tell her girlfriend was blushing. She couldn't resist and wanted to see that.

Without getting out of bed, she turned around and faced the wall. In seconds, her vision went through everything between her house and Bianca's.

The redhead was lying on the bed with her legs opened towards the wall. She wore a pink transparent baby doll and had put a small post-it written 'for Eliza' right above Eliza's second favorite place.

The girl's face went an alarming shade of red.

"What the hell are you doing?" she exclaimed before she could stop herself.

"Ha! I knew you'd look!" Bianca laughed.

Damn... I forgot who I'm dating, the girl thought, smiling and rolling on the bed while hugging her pillow. My girlfriend is such a tease...

"That was a nice treat. An excellent way to start the day. Thank you for the sight," Eliza said despite her embarrassment.

"Who said it was all?" Bianca whispered in a meaningful way.

Eliza stopped rolling her eyes. Whenever Red speaks like this, she's about to do something that will make me too embarrassed.

And yet her curiosity was bigger. When the girl focused her powers again, Bianca had got rid of the post-it. She held the index finger up while holding the cell phone with the other hand.

"I'll name this finger Eliza," she said. "Hey Eliza. Let's study a bit, shall we?"

"Yeah, sure," Bianca forced her voice to sound more high pitched.

"Was that supposed to be me?" the real Eliza asked, smiling.

Bianca ignored.

The finger moved up and down a bit, as if happy. Then the redhead brought it to her belly.

"Wait. Eliza, what are you doing? Didn't' we come here to study?"

"Yeah, I'm studying music. The song is called 'a redhead's moan."

The real Eliza smiled and shook her head, but couldn't avert her eyes off the show.

"But wait. We must study for to secure a good future for us," Bianca said in a forced bad acting.

"Since I'm a horny animal who can't restrain her desires and blames on my girlfriend, this is a practice for our future," the finger Eliza said.

Then it slid down into Bianca's underwear.

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