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We were now at least half way up this stupid bean stalk. My breath was increasing by the minute. This was defiantly hard work. I now wish I was down there laying in the grass watching Emma and Killian climb this thing. Speaking of Emma and Killian i'm pretty sure they have had a little practice with this. Yeah they are out of breath and having a little trouble but not as much as I am. Which really pisses me off because i'm a little slower.
‘’First bean stalk ladies?’’Killian called looking at me and I rolled my eyes as my hand gripped a branch.’’Well you never forget your first’’
‘’You know most men would take your silence as off putting but I love a challenge’’Killian said looking at me. My heart leaped at the thought of us together again. Peter would kill him and lock me in a cage if he found out that i still had feelings towards Killian.
‘’Oh shut it! Cant you see i'm concentrating on not dieing here’’I said lifting myself up to the next branch. I was finally at the same level as Emma and Killian.
‘’What about you Emma? Your afraid to talk? To open up. Trust me things will be a lot smother if you do’’ Killian said.
I rolled my eyes at him before focusing on my climbing. I was determined not to look down.
‘’Your used to people not trusting you’’Emma said
‘’Oh the pirate thing. Well I don’t need either of you to share. I already know everything about Rose but you Emma are a open book’’Kilian said
I put my foot on a branch and then I pulled myself up.
‘’Quiet lets see’’Killian said and they stopped climbing. I stopped too because there was no way I could get ahead of them since they were blocking me.
‘’You volunteered to come up here because you were the most motivated. You need to get back to a child’’
‘’That’s not perception that’s ease dropping’’Emma said
‘’She's got a point’’
Killian looked down at me and I smirked. He looked back at Emma.
‘’But you don’t want to abandon him like you were abandoned’’Killian said
‘’Was i?’’
‘’Like I said open book’’
Okay I never knew Killian was this good at reading people.
‘’How would you know that?’’Emma asked
‘’I spent many years in Neverland’’
My heart jumped at the mention of that land. Killian looked down at me.
‘’Along with dear Rose, there were the lost boys. They all share the same look in there eyes like they have been left alone’’
‘’Yeah well my world ain't Neverland’’
I thought of the lost boys and the lost in there eyes. I could always see it, it wasn’t very hidden. Like being lost was apart of them. I guess that is why Peter named them the lost boys.
‘’Well a orphan is an orphan’’Killian said
‘’Can we please start climbing. I'm starting to get really tired down here’’I said
Killian chuckled’’As you wish, love’’
After like another hour of climbing we were finally at the top. My hands were burning and I have a cut on the back of my hand. I saw Killian and Emma climb onto the stone railing and then it was my turn. I climbed on and then I jumped down onto the stone ground. It felt so good to be on solid ground. I looked around and saw the place was dirty and the stones were broken. It was just a huge mess.
‘’What happened to this place?’’I asked looking around
‘’it was were the final battle was’’Killian said.
Emma walked around a little. Staying close.
‘’Give me your hand’’Killian said
‘’What why?’’I asked giving him a weird look
‘’You have a cut on your hand. let me help you’’Killian said grabbing my hand
‘’It's fine Killian, just a scrap’’
‘’You do know giants can smell blood right’’he said looking in my eyes.
‘’I'm not stupid you know’’I said glaring at him
‘’I know love, I know’’
He took a bottle out of his bag and took the cork out with his teeth. He then poured the liquid onto my hand and it burned.
‘’What the hell ,Killian?!’’I said jumping a little from the burning.
‘’Calm down its just rum and a bloody waste of it’’
I rolled my eyes and he took a cloth and wrapped it around my hand. Then he tied it with his teeth looking into my eyes. My heart was pounding in my chest I swear even Emma who was like 2 feet away from us could hear it.
‘’Why are you being a gentlemen to me when I don’t deserve it’’I asked. He was about to speak when Emma interrupted.
‘’So what's the plan?’’she asked
Killian looked from me to her
‘’We wait for the giant to fall asleep. When he dose we will sneak past him to his cave, that’s where the treasures are. Where the compass lies.’’
‘’and then?’’Emma asked
‘’Then we run like hell’’
‘’I don’t have time to wait for a giant to fall asleep’’Emma said. Emma reached into her pocket and brought out a small bag.
‘’The powder that Mulan gave us, we need to use it’’
‘’What powder?’’I asked
‘’it will make the giant unconscious’’Emma said
I nodded. Well that’s handy.
‘’That’s risky’’Killian said
‘’More risky than waiting for a giant to fall asleep when we need him too?’’Emma said
‘’She has a point Killian. I'm not gonna wait hours till this giant falls asleep. We have the powder lets just use it’’ I said
‘’Point taken’’Killian said clearly agreeing.
‘’Emma you’re a strong lass. You would make one hell of a pirate’’
I felt a sort of jealous when he said that to her. Its been years and i still cant decide my stupid feelings!  I walked away to look around. This place is a mess. Its kinda freaky. I wonder what it looked like before the battle. I bet it was beautiful and grand.
‘’Liz come here’’Emma said and I turned and walked over to them.

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