You had it all!

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Drackmor was losing his patience with Drac. For an hour now, the count tried to find a way out of this mess, finding a way to make it work for the both of them. The Baron was not willing to help, "You shall pay for what you have done in the past and present. You are a disgrace for all vampires in the world." "I fell in love Baron and besides, we live in a century were we don't have to hide from humans anymore. As for me, I am proud to have a human son-in-law and my grandson. What do you have that you are proud of?"

Drac really hit a sensitive spot there. Drackmor got furious, "I am proud when you and the rest of the freak show will beg for mercy. The vampire council will not hesitate to destroy everyone in their path. "The count didn't know what to say anymore. The Baron he knew as a child was gone. Drac gave it another try to get through his old friend, "What happen to you Baron? You were used to be such a carefree vampire. Wasn't it you that didn't care to take rules seriously? Wasn't it you that hated the old traditions?" Indeed, Drackmor was the rebel among the vampires back in the camp. Just like Dracula, he had a father that saw him as a crybaby. Together they were the pack of mischief. Drackmor's eyes darkened, " had it all." Dracula stared confused at him, as Baron began to explain, "It was always you they admired, you who got the blame for all the pranks...what did I get? Nothing! All because my dad had a high position at the one even dared to punish me for anything. You always got the credit for it and the others looked up to you...and only you." Of course, Drac remembered. Drackmor's family were older than the Dracula's and more powerful than anyother vampire clan on earth. Among the monsters, their name alone was enough to cause fear. But that he was jealous of Drac was new.

"I will have my moment, when you lie in your coffin...and never come out again, Count Dracula."

Neither Drac nor Drackmor knew, that someone was listening to their conversation. All the other guests were too busy, trying to escape, whispering to another on how to get out. But the next moment, a huge bang erupted at the door. It was clear, that was not a knock from big foot, he stood behind the skeleton family, shaking his hands in defense. Inside the hotel, Drackmor was feeling thrilled at the sound, "So it begins. Your end is near Count!"

Outside were the monster hunters, trying to open the main door.

Only the glass was smashed, not enough to enter the building. After ten minutes, Connor had enough, "Out of the way you amateurs!" He threw several hand grenades and waited for them to explode. The effect was powerful. The doors were flying off their hinges and the rest of the glass was turned into tiny broken pieces, spread all over the place. Drac had no more time to lose, with one wave of his hand, he shouted towards the remaining guests to leave the hotel. Mavis, Winnie and Dennis showed them the way. Drackmor just realized what was going on. With one huge jump, he attacked Drac from behind. The two began to fight, using their vampire skills to overpower one another. Mavis was just about to go between them, as Drac screamed out, "No Mavi, leave now!" Drackmor used this interruption for a surprised attack. Drac's cape was ripped off his back. Not too comfortable, the count dropped to the floor, damaging the armchairs underneath him. From the distance, some men appeared.

Connor took the lead and stormed the place with the rest of the group. Van Helsing was just about to follow, as the sound of a car went passed him.

"Out of the way!!!!"screamed Erica, nearly missing her great-grandfather by an inch. Lora and I shouted at her to hit the brake, but didn't seem to reach her ears. Connor and the other monster hunters jumped out of the way, unlike the two vampires. In a matter of seconds, they stuck at the cowling. Finally, Erica found the brake and slammed her foot down with such force, the vampires flew off and into the reception desk. The last thing we could all hear, were the room keys falling off the wall.

I panicked, "Drac, are you alright?!"

Lora and I headed towards them. We moved a few boards to the side, as a hand reached for my throat. It began to squeeze it tighter, lifting me off my feet. Drackmor was beyond furious now. His eyes showed no sign of regret, he was determined to kill whatever comes his way. Too bad, that I was the one. Behind the Baron, I could heard Drac's weak voice, "Let her go."

"Why should I? She is just another human, nothing special and nothing important to this world." He lowered me down to his level, looking deep into my eyes,"On the other hand, she would make a fine woman...for me." Opening his mouth wide, he showed me his razor sharp teeth, coming closer to my neck. I panicked, whimpering under his touch. Lora helped Drac to his feet, as they both watched in horror at the sight.Dracula was too weak to use his powers and Lora was under shock.

Not able to escape or any other options to free myself. I closed my eyes and hoped, that this will be over quickly.

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