First Impressions

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I sighed and tried to concentrate on my book, which is hard to do when you're at a concert.

"Lindsay!"  I heard a shout and saw my little sister, Emma.  She's not that much younger than me, but we're total opposites.  She's 15, I'm 17.  She's outgoing, I'm shy.  She's a chatterbox, I'm quiet.  She's a brunette, I'm a dirty blonde.  She's a belieber, and I couldn't care less.  She snatched my book out of my hand.

"What are you doing?!"  I yelled not only because I was angry, but because it was extremely loud.

"What are you doing?  We're at a concert, you shouldn't be reading!" 

"We've been here for over an hour waiting for that moron, what else am I supposed to do?"  I snatched my book back.

"He's probably doing something important!"

"Like staring at himself?  I know!"  I looked back down at my book and continued doing what I was before.

"Why are you even here if you don't like him?"  She asked.

I looked up from my book.  "I was your ride here because you can't drive yet, and mom and dad probably didn't want to listen to him!  I know I don't!"

She rolled her eyes, then started cheering madly.  I glanced up and saw Justin Bieber had walked on stage.  Girls went crazy.  I just rolled my eyes and tried reading my book again. 

"Can you believe we were just at a Justin Bieber concert?  Oh my gosh!"  Emma squealed.  I covered my ear and whacked her with my book, glaring at her.

"I have ears!"  I snapped at her as we walked through the parking lot.  I went back to my book, but she had to talk again.

"What if you went to a concert of a famous person you liked?  You would be happy too!"  I raised an eyebrow up at her.  "Let me rephrase that.  What if you met a famous author, you would be happy too!"  I rolled my eyes and continued reading.

"Let's just find our car and get out of here, okay?"  I said.

"Wait!  The backstage doors!  They're back there!  What if Justin's there too!  Let's go!"  She screamed, yanking me back to the building. 

She lead me to the side of the building, where a sign saying: Backstage; Employees Only She reached for the handle, but I slapped her hand away with my book.

"Stop hitting me with your book!"  She whined.

"It's employees only!  We can't go back there!" 

"But Justin could be there!"

"That's an even better reason not to go in!"  I said, walking away.

"Wait!  Lindsay!"  Emma called.  I ignored her and continued walking, turning the corner.  All I wanted to do was go home. 

I started to read my book again as I walked to the front of the building.  Of course, since I was readin and I'm a bit clumsy, I bumped into someone.  I dropped my book and fell back.

"Watch it, kid!"  I heard a voice.  I looked up at the rude person and glared.

"I'm not a kid!"  I snapped.

"You sure look like it."  He snapped back.

I huffed and gasped once I saw my book.  It fell in a puddle and was now soaked.  "My book!"  I cried, quickly picking it up.  I stood up and glared back at the boy.  "You ruined my book you idiot!"  I yelled, surprised I was able to.  Normally, I wouldn't be able to yell at a stranger, but it was different when they ruined my books.

"If I'm such an idiot, why are you at my concert?"  He asked, crossing his arms.

"I had to take my si...wait.  You're concert?"  He tilted his glasses down.

"Don't make a big deal about meeting me.  Even if it is one."  He said.

I rolled my eyes.  "I'm making a big deal about my book!  It's ruined!  And you're going to pay for it!" 

"No I'm not!  It's a stupid book, get over it!"  With that, he walked away.

I groaned and looked down at my book.  I frickin hate Justin Bieber.

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