Our only chance!

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After countless turns, Lora finally stopped this death trap. Not to waste any moment, I jumped out of the vehicle, and kissed the ground with joy, "I am alive!"

Lora could only roll her eyes on this, getting out as well, "Stop being so dramatic. It was not that bad."

"Not that bad?! You nearly collided with a tree!"

"It was in the way."

"In case you forgotten, you drove like a maniac through the woods, in the middle of the night...in the fog..."

"I was in a hurry."

It was hopeless to be right with Lora. The discussion went on for a few minutes, until it became completely silly. Especially when Lora's bad sense of humor comes out, "Next time, I tell this tree to move out of my way, happy?"

"Everything that is happening to you, it is never your fault right?"

"...it isn't."

"...ahhhh...I give up!"

To stop this argument at this point, was actually a good timing. Not too far away, was light. A giant house with large windows came into sight. Lora told me to prepare myself as small figures head towards us. I was about to make a karate round-house kick, until the face of a little girl appeared. She screamed in horror while my foot was only a few inches away from her pretty face. The rest of the children followed her back to the house. Lora sighted deeply, "N/A...how could you?"

"You told me to be prepared!"

"Yeah...but children?"

"We didn't know what they were until it reached my foot!"

She sighted again, "So cruel N/A."

"Shut up!"

Once at the door, Lora knocked twice. The next, a large rifle was pointed at my head.

"Stand back demon!" said a deep voice. It matched to the old man at the other end, with along grey beard and hunting outfit. The weapon was lowered soon after, by another hand. "Henry, what are you doing?" The man pointed at me, "The kids told me that this vampire was attacking them. I am only doing my job here."

"Vampire?" I was not sure of what they meant. Lora inspected my appearance...and laughed out loud. As for me, I was not in the mood for a laugh. I mean, I just had a rifle against my head.

"What is so funny Lora?"

"Your face."


She suppressed her laugh a little, "You are as pale as a sheet."

The woman next to Henry, understands it now, "They thought you were a vampire."

Furious, I glanced at my friend, "And which fault is that? You!"

Lora acted all innocent,"What did I do?"

"Your driving skills drained my color!"

Not in the mood for another argument, I stepped forward to the man and showed them the letter.

"Sorry to bother you this late, but do you know this woman?"

Henry recognized the handwriting, "Ah yes, Erica. She is outside with the children."

At the hotel, thesituation got worse.

Drac tried to calm everyone down, starting with Baron Drackmor. He however, was not interested in his old friends words, "Drac, whatever happens now, it is entirely your fault." Mavis, unsure of the current situation, faced her father with worry, "Dad, what is going on?" "Honey bat, I am sorry. He is right, I am the one who caused all this trouble..." his face showed sign of guilt at first, but then, his voice got stronger "...and I will sort this out."

"Dad, let me help you."

The count was moved by his daughter's strength to support him, but this time, he had to do this on his own. However, he did asked for a favour. He wanted Jonny, Dennis and Mavis out of the hotel, "Take the dungeon. It was supposed to be an emergency exit, if humans ever invaded." With one glance at Jonny, he sighted, "...not that it worked though." He whispered it all to his daughter, making sure that Drackmor won't hear their plan, "Get all the guests out of this place. Take one small group at the time." Mavis understands. This plan might need a few more supports and the young Dracula knew who to ask. Drac's closest friends were more than happy to help. Thier first group were Wanda and her giant pack of puppies. Mavis advices to leave a few of them behind, just to be sure. Winnie and Dennis took the job on arranging the groups, one by one. In the meantime, Drac took care of Drackmor. Count Dracula has send my message to Jonny, along side with his own words underneath. He asked for his son-in-law, to keep an eye out at the graveyard. Jonathan knew, of what he had to look out for. He took the first group down the dungeon, followed by Mavis with the next one.

While they were evacuating the hotel, Lora and I faced the great-granddaughter from Van Helsing.

She seems to have fun, playing with the little kids in scouts outfits. Lora cleared her throat, as she turned towards us, "Yes?" "Are you Erica?" I asked, a little unsure. "I am. How can I help you girls?" I showed her the letter, "I believe this belongs to you?"

"I send this to Dracula. Where did you get that?"

"This is not important right now. What matters is that you save him from your great-grandfather."

Erica looked confused, "But he is back on the cruise ship. Why would he go to the hotel?"

Lora pushed me a little back and faced the tall woman, "Because he thinks that you were murdered by Dracula and buried at the estate."


"He arranged an entire group of hunters to take him down."

Before Erica could askanything, I spoke up, "You are the only one that can stop him. Please, help us."

We expected to hear an excuse of not coming with us, but there I was wrong. She was fully comitted to end this madness. She asked Henry to watch over the kids, while Erica pulled us along to a landrover. I breathed out with relief, as the tall woman was goign to drive the vehicle. Lora was not pleased with that, "Erica...Are we there yet?"

Erica looked at me a little irritated, as I shook my head, "Ignore her, just drive."

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