35. Luciana

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Athena oversaw the rest of the preparations that needed to be done before she left to Lesidor, Raven's kingdom, and out of all the things she had to finish, watching the thirteen train with her father was the best.

"Uppercut or you won't be able to land a hit on him!" James shouted from beside her as the siblings stood on a raised platform to watch the training.

"Numbers don't matter if you are not good enough!" Adam, who seemed to be coming to terms with reality, bellowed as the rest of them just laughed remembering their early days of training, how they griped about all that they had to do each day. Watching someone else go through what they went through gave the siblings a small sadistic pleasure but none of them were ever going to admit it, knowing that this was very much needed.

"They need a lot more training if you need them to be as good as us." Michael commented as they observed thirteen grown men flailing about and getting their asses handed to them. Athena nodded and turned to leave the three brothers to their devices as she proceeded to look for Dreynor to ask what he planned to do with Mark and Luciana.

The Fairies had brought the villagers in two nights' time, just like Athena had said they would. Mark was the first person to rush down and look through the small crowd of people for a familiar face, and find her, he did. Luciana almost ran up to him as soon as she laid eyes on him, a little shaken but still healthy, which seemed to please Mark. But as soon as he finished his round of checking up on her, he let the guards do their inspection, and then let everyone settle in before he went back to talk to her.

The little girl that was brought in for interrogation was also reunited with her family, much to their relief, but Athena stayed away from the whole reunion as she didn't want a riot in her hands if what the little girl said was true.

"Dreynor!" she called out as she spotted him leaving the Library. Jogging up to him, pressing her sword into her leg so that it wouldn't rattle about, she continued. "What do you plan on doing with Luciana?"

"Athena, greetings. I hear you are about to leave for Lesidor in a day or so." He replied quickly, avoiding her question.

Athena let out a long breath." Yes, I am, Ryder is insistent about getting rid of this curse, but I really shouldn't be complaining. Now, Dreynor, please give me an answer. I deserve to know."

"Yes. Yes you do." he replied as he looked deeper into the tunnels. "I'll tell you on the way. All the ambassadors are gathering for a meeting. And I was asked to call you as well. So come along."

He began recounting how Mark doesn't seem to want to leave her and of how he has been trying to convince Dreynor to let him take her along with them. "Dragons are a very protective bunch and we don't trust humans easily. The last time a human tread our grounds, it didn't go well for them or us." Shuddering, he stood outside the room were they were to gather, his hand placed on the door, ready to push it open.

"And did you tell him this? Mark is a very reasonable person."

"You think I didn't mention it? His emotions have clouded his reasoning and judgement. You have to talk to him and make him understand."

Before Athena could deny this transfer of responsibility, Dreynor pushed open the door. The ambassadors of the five kingdoms all stood up to greet both the Royals that had entered the room. The first thing that she noticed was the stark difference among each of the ambassadors, the air around them humming with power. The Elf glowed bright while the Fairy thrived in the thin layer of darkness surrounding him. The dwarf almost invisible, the dragon, lazy, and the Undead, stiff.

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