forty five

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i nervously tapped my nails on the table, taking a deep breath as i saw hannah approach my table. she smiled, sitting down on the chair in front of me. "hey, phe!"

"hi" i gave her a small smile shifting over my seat.

"well..." she trailed off after we both sat there, looking at the menu for a few minutes. "what's going on?"

"i don't want you to be mad at me, but i saw your texts with kelsey accidentally a few days ago" i bit my bottom lip, avoiding her eyes.

"oh" she let out, probably raising her eyebrows like she always does.

"i'm aware that you're friends with kelsey longer than you're mine, but why would you promise her something like that?"

"because it wasn't my place to say something" i finally looked at her and she had a confused look.

i let out a sarcastic laugh. she can't be serious. "that's not an excuse" i frowned my brow. "i don't wanna use this card, but if david was jacob and kelsey was charlie i would've told you, because that's what friends do, no matter for how long you know them" i mentioned her boyfriend.

"i know i'm sorry" she sighed. "kelsey tricked me emotionally"

"that's fucked up" hannah laughed.

"i know, people know how to trick me so easily" i know her reasons aren't so good, but i can't be mad at her. she wasn't even a part of this and she explained to me why she did what she did.

"it's okay, i forgive you" a big smile grew on her face. "we weren't together that time, and there's no reason to be so mad at this whole situation, i mean, i can't be immature" i shrugged.

after hannah nodded, we both made our orders. "so, when are you and david going to make it official?" i chocked on my french toast.

i took a sip of water after coughing a lot. "i don't know, we haven't talked about it" i shrugged.

"well, you guys should" she said with her mouthful. "valentine's day is almost here"

"well, then, when are you and jacob going to make it official?" i raised my eyebrows.

"oh shut up, everyone knows about us" ava rolled her eyes. "the fans just think that you two are together, you guys never put clues out there"

i stopped to think for a moment. "i don't know if i want to put out there" i sighed. "i mean, the fans hate me. remember the video you posted with me?" she nodded. "they all went over me, talking rude things on the comments section and that made me more insecure about putting my relationship out there" i ran my hand through my hair. "they are always comparing me with liza or saying that i will never be her or just saying mean things, i just can't handle it"

"i saw that" she put her hand over mine on the table. "but you can't let that get in your head, because you know that those things aren't true" i nodded, but i wasn't agreeing with her. c'mon, it's not like i don't know all of that. "you're an amazing person, and so is liza, you have to say fuck it and be happy with your boyfriend, ignoring all of their opinion or it will affect your relationship with david"

"wow, you almost quoted rex orange county" i changed the subject and she laughed.

"i know, it was on purpose" hannah joked and i giggled. then, we finished our breakfast and she insisted on paying for the both of us.

i hopped in hannah's car and she drove to the sephora meeting because david gave me a ride before going to watch trisha film her new music video with jason, josh and corinna. "okay, we have a surprise for you" hannah said putting her arm over the door in front of me. we were about to walk where the meeting was going to happen.

"oh god, i hate surprises, they make me anxious" i groaned.

"you're going to like it" she rolled her eyes before opening the door. when she opened, charlie was there.

"oh my god!" i squealed before running to give her a tight hug. "i missed you!"

"me too girl!" she giggled. "it has only been three weeks but i missed you so much"

"is timmy here too?" i widened my eyes, really excited to see my best friend.

"yes, but he's in our hotel" she pulled away.


opheliar: my favorite girl

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opheliar: my favorite girl

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username: i was found dead

charliemoore: LOVE YOUU


tchalamet: love my girls

zane: lookin pretty taken girl
opheliar: shut up

username: ^^ lol does that mean she's dating?
zane: yes baby
opheliar: i hate you so much
username: IS IT ZANE?????????
zane: lol no?

username: is she dating david then??
username: omg i would hate that don't even say it

daviddobrik: this is so funny
opheliar: yeah, for you


i'm probably ending this fanfic soon lol i don't know what to write anymore

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