Tally and I sat in the front row waiting for our English teacher who was so far five minutes late.

We sat directly opposite the teacher’s desk. I would have settled for a sit in the middle but Tally’s reading glasses were weak and if she sat too far she wouldn’t be able to see the board.

Our teacher appeared and I was gaping at him. My English teacher was no other than the man who commanded my thoughts, Sir Blanc.

Isn’t he too young to be teaching college students, far less to be teaching two subjects?

“Sorry I am late.”

“I am Sir Blanc and I will be your teacher for today.”

The girls in the classroom started giggling. 

What a bunch of sluts.

“I would love to get to know all of you but unfortunately I was told by the English department that I am supposed to give you all an essay to write.”

Ugh, more work. It’s the beginning of second semester, can’t they take it easy on us.

“Do we have to do it now?” one of the guys in my class asked.

“Yes. I know it’s the beginning of second semester and the last thing I wanted to do was give work. Especially work that I have to correct. But as it turns out I have to give you all an essay to write so that I can assess each and every one’s writing skills. This English course is strictly an essay writing course. There will be no exams however you will be given a 20 page essay to write which will account for 60% of your grade. “

“What?” yelled my fellow classmates.

“Please quiet down. 40% of your grade goes towards the four essays you will be given.  Two of the essays would be informative and the other two persuasive. Each essay accounts for 10% thus giving you 40%.  These four essays should not be less than 1 page and a half.”

“I have a life you know.” said a blonde girl.

“Yes my dear I do know that you have a life because I also have a life. So students do us both a favor, do not procrastinate and do not write nonsense or better yet do not do the essays at all. The less number of papers I have to correct the more time I have to live my life. And most importantly if you follow my instructions and listen in class you will make fewer mistakes in your essay. When an essay is correctly and carefully written the faster I am able to run through the paper and you get a guarantee pass. So we both benefit when you do your essay carefully and correctly; I spend less time correcting and more time enjoying myself and you get a pass which means that you do not have to do this course all over again and when the essay is done you can party nonstop.”

“Wow.” Said Tally

Sir Blanc had the whole class staring at him. Who knew he could be so strict and harsh. He certainly didn’t look so. 

He just let the whole class know that he might be young and look fun and free but he wasn’t up for nonsense. If there was anyone in this class who thought that they could take advantage of him because he was young and had only started teaching last semester they were no longer thinking so. He had just set us straight.

I wonder why he wasn’t so strict in math. I guess it was different with math. In English we have plenty of work to cover for the semester while in math we did not have so much.

“Now we can have fun while doing our work or I can be strict, your choice. If you want to listen to music, text, read etc. during my class then go ahead but do not disturb my class. If you disturb my class then I will ask you to leave and if you refuse to leave I will have security escort you out and I will make the administrator remove you from my class. And guess what? All English121 classes are full, so good luck getting another class after I remove you from mine. I guess you will just have to wait until next year when this course is offered. Oh wait. I must have forgotten to tell you that this course is not offered in the summer, nor is it offered next year first semester. You will have to wait until second semester next year. It is your choice if you want to waste your time.”

“Damn” Exclaimed Tally.

Who knew Sir Blanc had it in him.

The class was very quiet. No one was talking or making noise about the essay. Those who had their headphones in one ear removed it and those who were texting quietly put their phone in their pockets. Even, the red head girl who liked to read magazines in class was chucking it into her bag.

The class was so quiet that I could hear the Caucasian boy behind me breathing. 

Sir Blanc handed each one of us a paper which explained what he just talked about and what we would be covering this semester.

With a pleasant smile he said “I do not mark hard so chill and according to how you all behave we will have some fun.”

He wrote two essay titles on the board and asked us to write on one of the topics. He even provided us with paper. Our essay was to be no less than a page and a half and we had the whole period to write it. 

Ten minutes after the hot Damien Hawthorne strolled into the classroom.

Sir Blanc let out a loud breathe and then uttered

“I do not appreciate tardiness and you missed my speech.”

“Well, my assistant should have been there to take notes. Any way I had my movie to do so I’m late.”

He then waked passed sir Blanc.

I was gapping at Damien and so were the other girls in the class. I mean you can’t help it he is hot but unlike the other girls I didn’t readjust my top or let some button lose in order to reveal my cleavage or stomach.

 As Damien moved I came face to face with Sir Blanc. He was glaring at me. What did I do? Was he mad that I was staring at Damien? He couldn’t be I must be imagining things. He is my teacher and has no interest in me. I’m sure he has a super gorgeous, flawless girlfriend.  Why would he be interested in a little 17 year old?

“Next time send an early note.” He sneered at Damien.

Damien sat next to me since there was no other sits available. I am sure that the last thing he wanted to do was sit next to little me. I’m sure he would much rather sit down next to one of the hot girls at the back.

“Since when is a classroom so silent, I am even afraid to speak” Damien whispered to me.

His breathe was causing goosebumps on my skin.

“Sir… sir…Sir Blanc…” I didn’t even know how to speak.

I couldn’t believe that Damien Hawthorne was talking to me. Was Ashley right? Have I been a virgin who never had a boyfriend for so long that I do not know how to talk to guys I like.

He stared at me with his gorgeous brown eyes. He was waiting for me to continue.

I opened my mouth to speak but no words came out.

Sir Blanc rude, angry voice interrupted us. His voice even caused me to jump up in my chair.

“I said I do not like disturbance in my class. You were late Mr. Hawthorne so I advise that you find out what was said in this classroom.”

“That’s what I am trying to find out.” replied Damien.

“Then do it on your own time, not mine.” Mr. Blanc barked “There is an essay on the board for you to do.”

With that said he spun around and marched towards his desk.

The classroom remained quiet throughout the whole period and Damien didn’t try to talk to me again. How sad.  And weirdly Sir Blanc was glaring at me.

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