I take a moment and then open my eyes again. The light isn't as bad this time. I hear a faint beeping noise and look to my left. I see a heart monitor. What? I don't have a heart monitor in my room. I look down and see a Iv in my arm with other cords that must be taking my vitals. I'm sitting in a bed with white sheets and rails. There's a chair in the corner of the room. Nobody's in here though. I realize I'm in a hospital. I hear muffled voices outside the door. I can't make out what it is but it sounds like arguing.

I start to panic. What happened? Why am I here? The hear monitor starts to beep loudly. My breathing becoming uneven. The hospital door opens and in comes a doctor muttering "stay there." He wasn't saying it to me, he was saying it to the person outside the door. The doctor rushes over to me.

"Your okay, just breathe." The doctor says.

I closes my eyes and take a deep breath. My heart slows down and my breathing becomes normal. I open my eyes again. The heart monitor stops beeping.

"How are you feeling?" The doctor asks.

"Tired and worn out." I say in a raspy voice. My throat is dry and scratchy.

"Here." The doctor hands me a plastic cup with water in it.

The door burst opens and Declan comes running in. He looks at me with relief written all over his face. I send him a tired smile.

"Ellie, your awake." Declan hurries over to me.

"H-hi." I say quietly. My voice is still raspy.

"Well I'll let you guys be, but Ella you need rest your body has been through a lot." The doctor exits the room. Now Declan and I are all alone. I wonder if my mom or brother are here.

"I was so worried." Pain flashes in his eyes. He's was worried about me, and that makes my heart flutter. But I'm still confused I can't remember anything.

"What happened?" I sound weak.

"You don't remember?" Declan asks. I shake my head. "You had a panic attack."

I cringe at that word. I prefer the word anxiety over panic. I didn't want him to know, and now he knows about my anxiety. I look down in shame. I remember now at the end of the football game people were staring at me and Thomas was asking me questions. I felt so uncomfortable and I couldn't even form words.

Declan must think I'm a wreck. He wasn't supposed to find out, nobody was. Olivia didn't know either and now she knows. A tear escapes my eyes and I quickly wipe it away, but then another one falls.

Declan takes my hands in his "Hey don't cry, I hate seeing you upset."

"I-I understand if you think I'm a f-fr-freak." I mumble looking down at my lap.

Declan lets go of my hands and takes my face in his hands making me look right at him.

"Ella you are not a freak. I don't want to ever hear you say that again, do you under stand." Declan looking right into my eyes seriously. I shake my head yes and he wipes my tears away and places his hands back onto mine. My heart swells in happiness. He doesn't think I'm a freak.

The door to my room opens again. Declan and I immediately look up to see who it is. My mom and Thomas enter the room. Declan takes his hand off mine and sits back in the chair. He sends me a small smile then glares at Thomas. What's that about?

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