Double shift B.A/N.M

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Remember! These are not in anyway mine!

waking in the morning and turning to see the bed empty. getting up and walking to the kitchen to grab a glass of water, you fill up the cup to turn around and wack into brandon as he was trying to surprise you resulting in a soaked white shirt  "b what the heck" you whined and slapped his chest as you put the glass on the counter to wipe your shirt.  "sorry baby love you" he kisses your temple as he squeezes your boob before throwing up a peace sign and running out the front door as the other boys were already waiting for him. you sigh and head up the stairs to change. you hear heavy foot steps coming from behind and then boom nick smashes you onto the floor.  "oh my god Y/N im so sorry i forgot my headphones" he puts out a hand to help you up and you grab it.  "haha it's fine" you chuckle as you realize he's dead ass staring at your tits. clearing your throat and moving out the way for him to get into his room. he looks up smiles then darts in there scrambling around and throwing his clothes all over.  "nick hurry the fuck up" zion yells from downstairs.  "fuck i can't find them" he says in panic you laugh and grab yours out of b's room  "here just take mine for the day" you say placing your arms over your boobs. he grabs them and throws his prayer hands towards you as a sign of gratitude as he runs down the stairs then out the house. shaking your head then picking up your phone and texting b have a good day at the studio. he instantly replies with thank you babe, can you clean up around the house a little bit won't be home til late. you agree to clean up and start tiding up b's room picking up his clothes and hanging them. going around the house and picking up trash. once you're done with dishes and cleaning a majority of the house besides the personal rooms you collapse onto b's bed and fall asleep. waking to see it's 7pm and you're still exhausted and tired. sad you came down to see brandon but his schedule has been packed tight. three days and no action. irritable you lay down again on his bed your back facing the door as you slowly pulled off your sweat pants tossing them to the side and hitting play on your playlist as you pressed your fingers against your panties rubbing up and down. then putting your hand into them you start rubbing your clit letting out soft quiet moans. wet dreamz starts playing and using your other free hand to turn the volume up full blast. you insert two of your fingers and start pumping in and out as previous times with b come to mind.  nick~ i can't stop thinking about earlier with Y/N's great tits as i shift in the studio. looking over to brandon seeing him smile at his phone. damn hes one lucky ass dude. i decide to walk over and sit next to him  "yo brandon" i said he looked up  "you know Y/N is a real damn piece" kinda chuckling. he looks up pulling his eyebrows together  "yeah she is. and she's mine" he says a little defensive.  "i mean would you ever be open to sharing" i shrug my shoulders up.  "i don't think she's like that" he says getting up and brushing his pants off with his hands.  "so you open to the idea if she complies" i smirk and purse my lips together. he looks at me takes a second but then nods his head.  "well we're done recording our versus how about we head back early" i suggest he nods and goes over to the boys to tell them. we order an uber and get home. sneaking in we're quiet. walking up the stairs we hear music blast from b's room as i slowly turn the knob opening the door seeing Y/N on the bed fingering herself i motion b to come in and close the door behind him.  ~ curling your fingers as you arch your back. you feel your eyes get covered by hands and you quickly scream and pull out your fingers. your music stops and you hear a shh and slowly calm as you know it's brandon. you feel lips against your neck and you moan but then once the lips start sucking it doesn't feel the same as b the lips are soft yet he's using teeth which b usually doesn't do you pull the hands off your eyes revealing nick you pull back  "nick what are you doing" you frantically say pulling a sheet onto yourself.  "brandon's gonna kill you" you panic but see him smirk to the corner, you turn to see brandon with his arms folded against his chest. you eye them back and forth as they both start to get closer. confusion comes over your face  "baby, nick asked if we could share you one time, do you mind?" you bite your lip as you've been fantasizing about this for ages. you nod your head no as nick pulls you up and takes off your shirt leaving you nude. he rubs both of his hands together and licks his lips as brandon pulls you down from the opposite side of the bed he leans his head over you and he kisses you on the lips from above as you hear nick strip down to his briefs. nick starts leaving a sloppy trail of kisses from your collar bone down as you see brandon pull off his shirt along with his pants and briefs showing his hard on above your face as he starts pumping himself with his hands you feel nick lower his face in between your legs. brandon lowers him self above your head as you tilt back to put him in your mouth. he starts grinding his hips as he has his arms against the bed to hold himself up. nicks hot breath fans against your entrance eager your wrap your legs around his neck and push his face onto you. taking no time he's eating you out as you suck b's dick. you start to struggle at the angle your at so you gently unwrap around brandon as he pulls back and you push off nick. getting up on all fours and flipping so you can get a taste of nick while b can get to work. grabbing nick in your hand and pumping him up and down as you lightly lick his tip. he sharply inhales  "don't tease" he mumbles looking up and giving him puppy dog eyes as you feel brandon rub himself between your lips before inserting himself you gasp and nick takes the opportunity to place himself in your mouth. gagging on nick as brandon is pounding you from the back. gaining some composure you control your sloppiness starting to go slower pace sucking nick but getting him deeper in your throat. he has more girth than b but b was the perfect size for your frame nicks gonna be a challenge getting in. brandon starts grunting and going slower so you start rocking your self back and forth  "flip" he quickly moans as you pull off, spinning around and immediately taking him in your mouth bobbing for about five seconds before he becomes undone in your mouth. nick slowly lines himself up with your entrance then pushing himself in you feel yourself stretch around him. letting out a slight scream but then back to b and sucking him clean but you don't stop until nick comes undone and b deserves more for being so generous. he grabs the back of your head as soon as he realizes you're not stopping, forcing his high to last. nick has a strong grip on your waist as he pulls you onto him roughly letting the skin slap as he lets out a string of fucks and profanities.  "jesus b she's so fucking tight" nick throws his head back as you let out a gagging moan. brandon vigorously nods his head as he intakes a sharp intake of air. you start to clench around nick feeling a tight knot forming in yourself. nick starts hitting faster at a different angle causing you to pull off brandon and scream as you squirt against him and b releases on your face.  "oh god" nick pulls out and shoots on your back as you give out due to your whole body not able to take this high. panting in uneven breaths as b grabs a tissue to clean your face and you feel nick wipe off your back. you flip onto your stomach and try to normalize your breaths. b lays down on your left side as nick lays on your right. they both start sucking at the sides of your body leaving marks on your torso.  "never thought having double would be so good" you say with the small amount of air left in your body.

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