Chapter 2

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"Welcome to hell."  I said I'm the most non-enthusiastic voice ever.

"Eh... I've seen worse..." (Y/N) shrugged.

"C'mon. I'll show you around -since David forced me to...-" I muttered that last part to myself while glaring at David, making a motion with my hand signaling (Y/N) to follow me.

"So... what's your deal?" I said as I stuffed my hands in my hoodie's pocket.

He just shrugged.

"Why aren't you talking? Are you scared or something?" I asked as a looked back at him with a smirk. (Y/N)  shrugged again.


"I just don't like socializing much..." I muttered.

Max stopped in his tracks and turned around, facing me. He looked ticked off.

"Look here, asshole. Just cut the shy shit already. You're gonna be stuck here for two and a half months. You can't be like that forever you know." He growled.

"Tsk. Whatever... you can't control my damn life." I replied coldly as I walked past him, making my way to some big wooden cabin-like building in the distance. Max eventually caught up, mumbling and cursing under his breath.

"What the fuck is this building?" I asked as I looked back at Max.

"Why would you want to know?" Max scoffed, crossing his arms.

"Well.. you ARE the one giving the tour..." I said, rolling my eyes.

"Good point..." Max mumbled under his breath. "Well... that's the mess hall or some shit."

"And over there?" I pointed over to the different booth-looking structures in the distance.

"That's the activities field. It's where all the camps are held. It's all pretty fucked up and worn out so don't expect much from it..."

I turned around again facing the mess hall and decided to step in, only to get knocked to the ground after the door being swung open out of nowhere.

"Oh, sorry!" A girlish voice said.

I picked myself up, brushed myself off and looked up. There was a small girl with turquoise/mint green hair (idfk so I put both those colors there), pink eyes and some overalls. I then saw a taller, lanky figure walk up next to her. He had some kind of yellow sweater, puffy brunette hair, blue eyes and some red jeans.

"Nikki! Be careful next time! He could have gotten hurt." The tall, lanky boy said.

'Ah. So the girl's name is Nikki. And the nerd's is...?' I thought.

" Oh whatever Neil. He clearly looks fine!" Nikki responded.

'Ah... His name is Neil then.'

"S-sorry about Nikki. She can be a bit rough sometimes..." Neil stuttered while glaring back at Nikki.

" Huh? Oh... Don't worry it's okay... I'm assuming you're Neil right? And that one over there is Nikki..?" I looked around to see where she went.

"Yup! That's us!" Nikki basically shouted out of nowhere, startling me.

" So, what's your name?" She asked as she went up to me, bouncing up and down in excitement . Sheesh... hyperactive enough?

"I'm (Y/N)..." I muttered, as I tugged on my hoodie's sleeve, feeling uncomfortable with her being so close to me.

'Does this girl not know anything about personal space or what?!' I started freaking out inside my mind.

"You guys done with your introductions yet?" Max suddenly interrupted. I looked back and noticed the bored expression he had on his face.

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