Chapter 9:Unbridled Rage!

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Alright everyone let's get ready for a throw down! Liam along with allies of his choosing will face off against the Rose Family! Who will come out on top? Who will be defeated? What exciting battle awaits the students of Beacon?
Liam stood in the entrance to one side of the arena with his chosen group ready to battle the Rose Family when they arrived. Liam had chosen Zane, Neo, and Mickey to join him for this fight. Zane refused to except no for an answer, so Liam has no choice, but to put his best friend on the team. Neo was very much the same and pestered him until he said yes, and Mickey was honestly his first thought. Although they all had one thing in common, they wanted to make the Rose Family pay for what they did to him. "Are all of you ready?" Glynda asked them as they all nodded and stepped forward.
"Son we don't have to do this, you could just come back home." Tai said as the team's faced off. "Save your breath Taiyang, once we're done here you'll be out of my hair for good!" Liam said as he, Zane, and Mickey summoned their Keyblades, Neo readied her umbrella. The Rose Family readied their weapon's as well as they waited for Glynda to give the command. "Begin!" Glynda shouted as both teams rushed each other and began to do battle. Mickey was Fighting Tai and Qrow, Neo was fighting Yang, Liam was Fighting Ruby, and Liam was fighting Summer and Raven.
Mickey dodged a punch from Tai before stopping Qrow's sword with his Keyblade. "You'll have to try harder then that to defeat me. I must say if Liam was as strong as he was when he started training under Master Yen Sid, he would have defeated all of you!" Mickey said as he knocked Qrow away before slashing Tai across the chest with his Keyblade. "Listen here mouse, he's my son and I won't stop until I get him back!" Tai shouted as he went in for another punch only to find Mickey standing on top of his fist. "You abused him for ten years, yet you want forgiveness, why?" Mickey questioned as he backflip kicked Tai away.
"We get that we messed up, but is it wrong to want and make it up to him?" Qrow questioned as he tried to strike Mickey from behind only for his attack to get blocked once more. "Trying to make things right? No there's nothing wrong with that, but trying to rip him away from the people that truly care about him is despicable." Mickey said as he knocked away Qrow's sword before slashing him away as well. "We do care about him! He's my son!" Tai shouted as he went in for another attack, but it was quickly stopped by Mickey dodging and striking him in the side. "If that's the case you wouldn't have done what you did." Mickey said coldly as he struck Tai multiple times before slashing him away again.
Neo blocked another one of Yang's punches with her umbrella before closing it and going in for a stab with the tip. Yang dodged and tried to fire one of her gauntlet's shotgun rounds into Neo's face, only for her to backflip away. "Hold still so I can hit you!" Yang growled in frustration as her eyes turned red and her Semblance activated and she punched Neo in the face only for it to shatter like glass. "What the hell?!" Yang screeched in anger and confusion at the sight of the illusion not being the real Neo. Neo appeared behind Yang and separated the handle of her Umbrella from the rest of it, revealing a sword.
             Neo slashes Yang in the back which causes her to stubble forward before turning around to face her. "When my family wins the first thing and Liam is our brother once again, he's breaking up with you!" Yang screamed as she once again tried to punch Neo, only for it to be another Illusion. Neo then kicked Yang in the side of the ribs before slashing her across the chest with her sword. Yang tumbled across the ground before struggling to get back on her feet. "I won't lose! I will get my big brother back!" Yang shouted at the top of her lungs as she charged Neo once again.
                    Zane was deflecting Ruby's scythe attacks with the Kingdom Key as he lazily attacked back. "Red do you honestly think that you have any right to Liam's forgiveness?" Zane question as he deflected another one of Ruby's attacks. "I just want my big brother back! Is that really to much to ask?" Ruby fired back in a sad tone as she continued to try and land a hit on Zane, who just kept deflecting her blows. "Look at it from his perspective Red, the people who made his life a living hell for the first ten years of his life come before him and ask for forgiveness." Zane states as he deflects another attack.
                    "Yeah we want to make things right!" Ruby fires back as she once again tried to cut Liam with her scythe. Zane shot her a glare as he caught her scythe's blade with the Kingdom Key, which scared her half to death. "Don't you get it Red? There is no making things right! You've damage Liam mentally to an unfixable degree. So it would be in your best interest to just leave him alone!" Zane shouted the last part before knocking Ruby off balance and striking her with a combo. Ruby tumbled to the ground before shakily getting back to her feet. "Your stubborn, I'll give you that." Zane states as he readied the Kingdom Key once again.
                  Liam used Way to the Dawn to block Summer's scythe before knocking her back before stopping Raven's sneak attack. "Liam trust give up! We don't want to hurt you!" Raven pleases as she struggled again the Keyblade wielder. "Funny you had no problem doing it when I was younger." Liam stated coldly as he slashed Raven away before backflipping over Summer, who rushed him from behind. "My little angel please, just forgive us! I want my little boy back!" Summer begged as tears started to prick her eyes. "I'm not your little boy Summer Rose! I am Liam Nikos and I will never be apart of the Rose Family!" Liam shouted as he pointed his Keyblade at them.
                     Raven tried another sneak attack only for Liam to sink into Summer's shadow, confusing the both of them. "Where did he go?" Raven asked as Summer and her stood back to back. "Right behind you." Liam whispered as he rose from the shadow right in between them before striking both of them in the back. Before they could hit the ground, Liam made shadow spikes shoot out of their shadows, stabbing them. "So how does it feel to be knocked flat on your asses by your punching bag?" Liam asked as Raven and Summer shakily got back on their feet. The rest of the Rose Family stubbles over to Summer and Raven, while Mickey, Zane, and Neo stood by Liam.
Each of the Rose Family's auras were down to half, while Liam and his group were untouched. "I'll give you all one last chance to give up! Your not beating us, so just walk away!" Liam said as Summer got angry and took a step forward. "All of you have tainted my little angel! You will pay!" Summer screeched as she took out her sniper and shot Neo in the head. Lucky Neo's aura protected her, but her aura dropped to zero and she had a small graze on the side of her head from the attack. "That's what you get for laying your fingers on my Angel you mute bitch!" Summer spat out as the rest of the Rose Family cheered her on.
Liam looked at Neo's collapsed body in pure horror, he could feel his mind shutting down slightly as he turned to face the Rose Family. "Sweetie please come here and give your mother a hug!" Summer said happily as she put away her sniper and opened her arms. "Do you have any idea what you just did?" Mickey said in a panicked tone as he crouched down to check on Neo. "What did we hurt the mute? To bad!" Tai said as he smiled triumphantly. "Oh ho you just fucked up big time!" Zane growled out as Liam stepped forward and Way to the Dawn disappeared. "Sweetie come join your family." Summer said with her arms still opened. "You....are....going. MY ICE CREAM CONE!" Liam shouted as a ball of dark energy engulfed his body.
Mickey and Zane watched on in horror as the ball engulfed Liam. "W-What's happening?" Ruby stuttered our nervously at the sight of Liam being engulfed in the ball of dark energy. "I warned you Red, you and your family have gone and pushed Liam to far." Zane said as he and Mickey moved Neo's body away from the dark energy ball. "What the hell is happening to my little angel?!" Summer asked in panic as she grabbed her scythe as she was ready to attack the ball that consumed her son. "Witness the result of the torture you put this poor boy through, this is called Anti-Form." Mickey explained as the ball dispersed.

                 "S-Sweetie? Are you okay?" Summer asked nervously as she looked at her now changed son

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"S-Sweetie? Are you okay?" Summer asked nervously as she looked at her now changed son. Liam dropped down on to his hands and feet like an animal as the glowing yellow dots stared right through the Rose Family. Liam shot forward and grabbed Yang by the throat before slamming her head into the ground multiple times until her aura was at zero. Tai tried punching Liam, but Liam caught his fist before Liam used his claws to completely shatter Tai's arm bone. Tai screams in pain, but he is quickly silenced by Liam head butting him. Liam then threw his head back and let out a monstrous screech, Qrow and Raven go in for an attack.
                  Qrow slashes at Liam, but he realized to late that Liam was standing on his blade. Liam grabbed Qrow by the face and slammed him into the ground, Qrow was out cold after that attack. Raven tried to slash Liam in the back, but was shutdown by Liam catching the sword and pulling her towards him. Liam used his claws to pierce Raven's armor and stabbed her in the gut in the process. Ruby and Summer tried to slash him with their scythes from both sides only for him to Catch them with his hands. Liam the clenched his fists down on the blades, completely shattering them.
Liam then struck Ruby so hard in the chest that she coughed up blood before collapsing as well. Liam then turned to Summer, who's legs were shaking as she took a step back. "S-Sweetie I know your upset, but please try to calm down." Summer begged as Liam once again dropped to all fours and Summer took this as her sign to run. Summer activated her Semblance and b-lined for the exit only for Liam to run in front of her. Liam grabbed her by the head and slammed it into the ground before dragging her along the ground. Liam kept dragging her until he ran her head into the wall, causing the seating area to shake along with scaring the audience.
Liam threw back his head once more and released that demonic screech that was so loud it caused everyone to cover their ears. Liam then looked down at the broken form of Summer Rose and raised his claw above his head ready to finish the job. "Liam don't do it!" Mickey pleaded as he watched the boy start to bring his claw down, although he stopped inches from Summer's heart when he felt a hand on his shoulder. Liam whipped around ready to attack whoever dare try and sneak attack him only to stop when he saw that it was Neo.
"Ne....o?" The distorted voice of Liam said as he reached one of his claws out to stroke her face only to retract it, not wanting to hurt the girl he loved. Before he could however, Neo grabbed his arm and gently pressed her cheek into his hand and gave him a sad smile. "It's okay, I could never be afraid of you." Neo signed out with her free hand as Liam's glowing yellow eyes widened in surprise. Liam pulled her into a gently hug as the Anti-Form finally dispersed, returning Liam to normal. "I'm sorry Ice Cream Cone! When I saw you get hurt, I just lost it!" Liam whimpered our as he cried into her hair. Neo smiled and simply patted her boyfriend on the back, in hopes of comforting him.
After Liam calmed down, he then faced the shocked and terrified crowd. "Like I said at the team announcement, you don't treat everyone equal, you deal with me! Let this fight be a lesson to all of you, never get on my bad side." Liam said darkly as Neo helped him exit the arena along with Zane and Mickey. Glynda after finally regaining her composure decided to speak. "T-The winner is Liam Nikos and his group!" Glynda said as she rushed off to follow her son and nephew. Meanwhile a medical team collected the Rose Family and shipped them off to the infirmary before their condition worsened.

Okay so that was definitely a beatdown! Before I shoot into a teaser for the next chapter like always, a quick shameless plug. I've started a Yu-Gi-Oh! Story, so if any of your are Yu-Gi-Oh! Fans please check it out! Anyway how will Liam's Mom and Sister react to Liam's Anti-Form? Ozpin will have a serious talk with the Rose Family along with someone else. How will Liam face his loved ones after what he did? Find out next time!

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