3. That

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Jun just arrived at work and went up to his office. He called over his assistant and told her to bring him some coffee. He is going through his files as she walks into his office and closes the door behind her. She walks up to his desk and places the coffee down, making sure to bend down low enough for him to see her chest.

"I'm not in the mood," he sighs, not even looking at her and takes his coffee in his hand. "Maybe another time," he smirks lightly. 

Toying around with women.

Yes, he is married to a woman. Yes he lives with her. And yes, he cheats on her almost every single day.

And yes, she knows. But, she can't come in between. There is no reason for her to come in between, knowing that this was arranged and is not based on feelings. Although that's what he thinks. If you looked through her eyes, she adored the man when he treated her like a person and not an object. If only she could change him back.

And even if he's married, he can still do whatever he likes. He can have any woman he wants to have. He can play with anyone he wants. 

His assistant leaves and walks back to her own office while he just continues to go through the files.

Suddenly he started to frown. Thinking... Why did she help with his tie this morning, knowing that there is nothing between them aside from an arrangement?

He was frowning as he drinks his coffee slowly. He was left wondering in an unanswered and lone world that he had created in his own mind, many years ago. A world where he knows only one type of pleasure and that is taking away from others. A pleasure where feelings between 2 aren't involved. A pleasure where he can smile and they can suffer.

Yet deep inside he knew that this world he lived in is a true and lonely world. 

All he just wanted was to be released from the ropes his parents had tied him with. And now, he is just tied with the ropes he tied around himself.

He throws the files to the side, breathing out deeply. "All this is just a waste of my time," he mumbles.

He reaches out for his phone and calls his assistant, "time goes slow don't you think," he speaks. "I need it to fly past faster."

Just a few moments later, his door opens again and his assistant walks in. She closes the door behind her right away and locks it.

He pushes himself away from his desk and leans back a little as she walks up to him.
"What is it that you need?"
"You know what I want."

And nothing much had to be said. She got onto her knees, her hands reaching out towards his pants as she slowly opened them.

He was bored. He had always been bored.

It was nothing that he needed. It was what he wanted. And if he gets bored again, he'll just throw her away just like an old object that doesn't work anymore. 

But, why couldn't he throw her away?

~author note~

Nope I don't usually go for smut in my stories. I do have a smut one shot book but no, only a few of my stories have smut in the story. (And I rarely announce it... so who knows *shrugs*)

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