In a Fight

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Jin (21 y/o) x Namjoon (20 y/o)

Enjoy :)


*Jin's POV*

'THAT'S IT! I'M OUTA HERE!' I scream while crying. I grab my coat and put on my shoes and run the house out.

I here Namjoon shouting my name to come back but i'm not listening and just keep running.

Namjoon and i are in a relationship, but we are in a lot of fights at the moment and this was probably the worst one.

We never really scream nor throw things at each other. Except for this time.

I run a little further till i'm getting tired, so i decided to walk.

It's kinda cold and dark. It's already 12:00 am, so there aren't many people, which makes it kinda creepy.

'Fuck' I mumble when i realize i forgot my phone.

'Aish whatever, i'm not going back.'

I just randomly walk somewhere without having a specific place to go.

I didn't realize i was walking into an alley till someone suddenly pushes a handkerchief against my mouth and nose. It smells weird so i want to push it away, but i start to feel weak and my vision blurred. Before i lost my consciousness i saw a pair of dark eyes.

*Namjoon's POV*

'THAT'S IT! I'M OUTA HERE!' Jin screams while crying. He grabs his coat and put on his shoes before running out of the house.

I scream his name to come back but he won't listen to me and runs further.

'Fuck!!' I scream and i pull on my hair out of frustration.

'Aishh why am i such a dumbass?!' I quickly grab my phone to call Jin. But a few seconds later i hear a phone ringing.

I walk towards the sound and see Jin's phone on the table.

'Dammit! Looks like i'm not the only dumb person here.' I quickly grab Jin's phone, end the call, put on my coat and shoes and also run out of the house.

I run and run, looking for Jin, but i can't see him anywhere. I run towards his favorite park. But still no sign of him.

'I'm so sorry Jin for everything' i said, 'where are you?' I keep running even though my legs are tired. I need to find Jin and make sure he is okay.

*Jin's POV*

I slowly open my eyes. Where the fuck am i? I'm sitting in a dark room, there is nothing much in the room. Only me, a door which is locked and a small window which i can't reach.

When i try to stand up i feel something on my wrists. I look behind me and see that my wrists are handcuffed. I look to the front to see my ankles also being cuffed.

While still sitting on the ground i remember what happened. Namjoon and i were in a fight, i ran away, i walked into an alley, someone putting a handkerchief against my mouth and nose and right after i passed out.

Urgh i had to stay with Namjoon. If i just stayed there we would probably talked everything out and i wouldn't be kidnapped.

Dammit i miss him, and his comfortable hugs and calming words he would tell me..

Suddenly the door gets unlocked and a person walks in. He has brown hair and is wearing a mask. Even though he's wearing a mask i can see him smirking at me. Which creeps me out.

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