Chapter 9.5: Il Minjoon (Valentine's Day Special)

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Daehyun looked at his child with a stony face.

"What are you doing?"

Both father and son faced each other, seeming to be in a staring contest. Stepping back and forth, like a cat and mouse.

With Daehyun not budging, Minjoon sighed loudly, frustration leaking out of the child. He used all his might to turn his father around and push him towards the door.

Daehyun unhurriedly let Minjoon push him as he stared confused.

"Come on! Walk faster!"

Minjoon with his whole body leaning forward, nudged his father forward until they stopped in front of the door.

Suddenly, the smell of the heavenly dish wafted their nose. Making both father and son's mouth water. 

Daehyun stared at the door, then to his child. His eyes widened as he realized what his child intended to do.

"Whatever you're planning, I refuse."

Once again, Daehyun turned to leave.

Minjoon, not willing to let his plans go down the drain, grasped his father's clothes and pulled.

"Just this once! I promise It'll be fun!"



"I said no."

Minjoon's feet was slowly skidding through the stone. He did not have enough strength to stop a full grown man. Left with no choice, he decided to shout.


Without warning, the door burst open.

A woman with cerulean eyes stood in front, her chest heaving. Her hair was up in a bun, and she looked like she cooked with her apron on. Both father and son stopped what they're doing as they stared at the woman.

The woman's eyes scanned the child, looking for injuries. Founding nothing but dirt, her eyes turned to the man. She froze and stared with wide eyes. She took a step back and put her hands over her mouth. 

After a moment, she stepped forward and looked at the man, her eyes moist. She looked like she couldn't believe what was happening. Her hand stretched towards the man, slowly approaching. 

Daehyun seeing Hae Gi advancing made him panic. He was about to step back until Hae Gi's hands stopped, flinching.

Minjoon seeing his parents exchange made him pout, his bottom lip jutting out. He decided to commence his plan. He grabbed each of the two's hands, surprising both of them, and pulled them forward towards the door.

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