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Irene didn't bear to look into his eyes, locking her eyes to the floor was the only thing she could do. But not after he brought her chin up to face him by his fingers, she finally could feel the warm gaze of his and the way he stared with the teary eyes, she felt heavy and guilty. She knew, it's wrong to risk herself and Taehyung has the right to be mad.

Well, she's not going to deny the truth that before she could've know about Taehyung's whereabout, she has been worried towards Taehyung for all times. She thought he was missing, he didn't even give a call or message. Gladly, she has Hoseok who actually knows about Taehyung too, he gave her his informations and from that, she got to know that he's actually in Daegu.

Knock knock.

Both of them broke their gaze as they heard the knocks on the main door.

"We're just arrived and there's a guest already?" he groaned and glanced back to Irene who seems to be curious too.

"I will open the door."

"No. I will and you settle down what you haven't done." he said and she just nodded without talking back.

Taehyung made his way to the main door slowly, reaching the knob and twisted it until the door half opened. He sneak out to see a young man standing in front of him. In the first place, the man was smiling broadly but as soon as he saw Taehyung, his smile faded. Perhaps he thought Taehyung was a stranger to be in Irene's house.

"Who are you?" Taehyung asked him with no expression.

He could guess that he's in the same age as him, with the raven hairstyles, the rare outfits and the tough figure of him.

The man was about to answer but suddenly a voice interrupted the mini conversation of theirs.

"Taehyung, who's th- oh my God, Jimin!" she excitedly approached her bestfriend and hugged him, but Taehyung on the other side just annoyingly glared and rolled his eyes. "Why aren't you invite him in, Taehyung?"

She asked but he just shrugged and moved aside to let Jimin in, that's when she forced him to do so, if not he could've willingly kick Jimin out.

Three of them headed to the living room. Taehyung dragged Irene to sit besides him while Jimin sat on the other single couch.

"Jimin, this is—"

"Kim Taehyung, Irene's boyfriend or well-known as her future husband, and you are Jimin, right?"

Irene desperately wanted to slap his ass and stomp his out of the house after how he coldly talked to Jimin. She poke his thigh, making him flinched in pain and mouthed 'shut up' to him. He's trying to show Jimin that he is hers, but that's not mean Jimin could be treated in that way and he's being overprotective.

"Oh, yeah, I'm Park Jimin, Irene's friend." Jimin innocently answered and she could guess he felt the same way as her as he just nodded as faked a smile.

Irene excused herself to the kitchen to prepare some foods and drinks so both Jimin and Taehyung could at least have a talk even though she knew Taehyung is going to turn the world upside down. While she's preparing everything, she lurked at the living room from beyond the wall to see how they interacted to each other and tried to hear their conversation clearly.

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