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I slide my back against the wall and down I went. I feel so disconnected from everyone. The library wasn't busy, so I decided to come and chill. Something I haven't done which feels like for years.

Every time something good in my life happens, it's taken by the Supernatural and I hate it with a burning passion. I let out a sigh letting myself relax for once in my life. I closed my eyes, feeling at peace.

I felt someone sit down next to me, making my eyes open and I scowled in annoyance. Just a moment. That's all I want, just a moment of peace and quiet.

I looked over and saw Theo there, smiling softly at me. "Hi, Theo," I greet, positioning myself so I'm facing him.

"You okay?" Theo asks, cocking his head slightly. I nodded. "Good... um, I need to tell you something. Something I should've probably told you a long time ago."

"Okay?" I questioned. "Do I need to be worried."

"It's about Stiles..." He started, gaining my full attention. "Stiles... he... he killed Donovan." I scoffed, not believing his bullshit.

"Stiles? My Stiles?" I asked, scowling at him. "Stiles can't even hurt a fly without feeling bad."

"Hear me out." Theo quickly says. "Donovan went after Stiles at the library, Donovan wanted to kill Stiles. I only saw the end of it. But Stiles was holding onto a scaffolding as Donovan chased him, Stiles did it as self-defence. Believe me. I shouldn't... I shouldn't be telling you this."

"No, tell me," I plead. "I want to know."

"Stiles did as self-defence. Next minute I know, the scaffolding went straight threw Donovan and I could smell Stiles' emotion, it was guilt." Theo explained which made my head spin. Why would Stiles not tell me? We told each other everything. "It was- it was self-defence."

"Oh," I say, leaning my head on the wall. Theo placed a hand on my thigh for somewhat comfort.

"You should probably talk to him about it," Theo tells me and I nodded. "I need to go now, though, for class. Or... I could stay if you want-"

"No, no," I wave him off. "I'll be fine." Theo smiled at me softly, before standing up and leaving me. Stiles killed Donovan, out of self-defence. I'm not mad about that, I'm just mad that he didn't tell me."

I closed my locker door gently, students were slowly disappearing into classes, but I had a study period next and I'm going to talk to Stiles.

How do I bring up the fact that he killed someone?

I pushed through the crowds of people, how could he not tell me? What was going through his mind at that moment? Did like it? Has he killed more people?

I bumped into someone and my mouth dropped when I saw Stiles there, looking concerned. "Stacey, are you okay?" Stiles asks gently, he grabs ahold of my two hands and I pressed my lips together. "Why do you look... oh," his face turned pale, probably realizing that I already knew.

"Yeah," I mumble and let out a sigh. "Stiles you could've told me. I would've understood."

"You would've looked at me like I was murder like you are right now." Stiles figured and I shake my head. The hallways were quickly emptied, thankfully.

"It was out of defence." I remind him. "I would never think of you as murder when you did it to defend yourself. There is a huge difference between self-defence and actual murder. You out of all people should know that."

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