✾First Crush✾

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I don't know when or where it had happened, or even why it had happened. The only thing, that reminds  me of that day was the little picture I would always keep with me. It was the day I had almost died, wheater it was on purpose or accidently, I honestly don't know. It's weird, huh? The only thing I can remember, is that one event, that seemed to make my life a little bit more worthwhile. 

It's the moment Juvia can never forget. 


Let me see if I can remeber it correctly, which I hope I do. It was a rainy day, with heavy gray clouds threatening the skies of Fiore. I was wakling near the railing of a bridge, at least I think it was a bridge. Cars zoomed past me, not giving a second glace at the blue-haireed teenager. 

My blue umberella hung over my head, protecting my face from the rain. I was humming a song I heard on the radio a few weeks ago, and it had been stuck in my mind since then.  I didn't remeber the exact lyrics but I remembered the melody. 

Half way through the bridge was when it occured. 

There was another man behind me that I was unaware of at the time, and he was in a rush. He had white hair, and he kept on glancing behind him, as if he were a criminal running away from the poliice. Even back then, I knew that wasn't the case. He looked like a nine-year old boy, the same age as me. Though it's not impossible for the police to be after him.

(Imagine this part in slow motion) As he was less than a feet away from me, he looked back, a huge grin on his face. I turned around, but it was too late, as I had gone in shock. The boy bumped into me, and I lost my balance. I closed my eyes and excepted my fate, falling. 

But then I stopped. Stopped falling I mean. There was no pain, there was no darkness, so shining liight. I opened one of my eyes, and saw that I was hanging. 

"Huh?" I said to no one in particuliar. I looked up, to see a boy, who was also around my age. He had black, spikey hair. He slowly helped me up. He looked over to the distance, where his friend had probably run to before looking back at me, this time with no clothes on. 

"Sorry about that," he said, with a small smile. "Lyon's pretty reckless. You're okay, right?"

I nodded. He hesitated before running off. I didn't move, but watched as he the adorable boy's figure moved further and further away from me. I was soaked in water, since my umberella had fallen into the raging waters, but I didn't mind.

When I focused back into reality, I saw that a paper was lying on the ground. When I picked it up and turned it around, I realized it was a picture, of the same boy. I looked at the picture, before tucking it in the front pocket of my dress. I ran home, and tucked the picture on the side of my mirror. 


I hadn't seen the boy since that accident, and I gave up trying to find him sometime in college when I meet a guy name Gray Fullbuster. We were paired up for a project in one of our classes, and we had gotten to know each other much. 

The only time we saw each other in uni was when we had the same classes. Other than that, Gray was usually surronded by girls, and the only person I would talk to was Gajeel, who was dating a bookworm named Levy (Right now they're married with two twins). Gajeel and I had come from the same town, and we had been friends ever since. But I never saw him more than a brother. 

After the project Gray and I had been given, we still kept in contact. As times passed by, we would hang out more. That resulted in a lot of death stares from his fandom. Over time, I had forgotten about that little picture that was still on my mirror. Before I knew it, I had falled in love with Gray. I had kept my crush a secret for a while, certain he only saw me as a friend. 

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