Chapter 9: Seoni's Most Powerful Beast

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Red's POV

"What would we do to it?"

"Don't you even think about it"

"It's not a mancub!"

"It's a she you idiot... and quite down, you'll wake her up"

Indistinct voices awoke me as waves of pain consequently vibrated my skull into half. I groaned and winced at the stinging pain in my head. I forced my eyes open and regretted as soon as the sunlight kissed my sensitive eyes.

I touched my head and felt something like damp leaves sticking into it. I adjusted my sight finding a wall of unruly brown fur in front of me. Another thing gave off a mild sound of purring? As its hum harmonized with the crickets, its smooth sleek of black fur loomed over me. It only took me seconds to realize that a grizzly bear and a panther were infront of me as my hands ignited.

"Get away!" I said

The black creature retracted away from me while the grizzly growled that its sound reverberated throughout the jungle.

"Get away from me!" I shouted as the puddle nearby starts to steam.

"We mean no harm, noble" The panther spoke. Wait what?!

The panther talked! Oh my god, I'm going crazy. Wait, Am I dead?

"Y-you c-can talk" I stuttered as I slowly crawled away from them like a prey waiting for a perfect time to run.

"She understands, Bagheera" The bear tilted its head as it licked its paw

"Impossible... Can you understand what we say, noble?" 'Bag gear raw' said

"Y-yes, stay away!" I exclaimed with my eyes still wide and frozen at the sight.

Holy pixies! Can they really talk? Or is it just me?

"Where are my friends? Who are you?! What are you?! Why do you talk?!" I just can't help myself, this is madness!

"There's no need to be rude, noble. I am Bagheera and this is Baloo..." It says as the grizzly nods

"We only saw you back at the cove" it continued.

"What? How did you learn to talk like that?" I said, the flames on my hands are now subsiding and panic starts to rise as my heart beats in my throat in nervousness. Where would my friends possibly be? What if something bad is going to happen to them? What if the Evil Queen got them?

"I don't know, most of us starts from da-da or mama" Baloo said as the panther sighed

"I bet best that you drank the Elixir of the forest, it grants nobles to receive an ancient magic" Bagheera said

"Well I did... we did! There's 7 of us. Dorothy, Ella, Snow, Robin and..." Goldy! Where's Goldy?! I would never forgive myself if something happens to her. I looked at the two animals tilting their heads and examining me.

"I quite can't tell noble, I mean you've been out for 13 days" Baloo said

"What?! 13 days?!" Holy pixies! Snow was right, if I only listened to her.

"Calm down noble..."

"Calm down?!"

"Nobles" The two said in chorus

"W-what? Stop calling me that. My name is Red, Red Ridinghood" I said, breathing heavily and controlled my emotions. 'They' as in a grizzly bear and a panther just save my life and I'm acting this way to them.

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