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One week later, Eve sat in a café by the window, looking out on the street. She didn't touch the cup of coffee that was on her table. She watched as civilians carried out their normal evening before Alvaro sat down across from her.

Without a word, he laid two files on the table and slid them in front of Eve. On the tab it read "J. Barnes" on top while the bottom said "S. Rogers."

"I want Barnes," Alvaro commanded, then stood and left. Eve opened Bucky's file first to find an address to an apartment. She waited until the sun was almost set before standing from the table and leaving.

Eve walked down the street with sunglasses on and her hood up. She kept her hands in the pockets of her oversized jean jacket. Leisurely, she walked the ten blocks to get to the outside of Bucky's apartment as night fell over the town.

"Yeah, I'm alright. I'll see you tomorrow," Bucky said into his phone to Steve before hanging up. He set the phone on the side table next to his couch as he shut off the tv. When he began standing, his face grimaced at the electric burn on his side from Eve. It was still touchy even though it's been a week.

Bucky walked into the kitchen to grab a glass out of a cabinet to fill with water. He then began walking down the hall to his room. As his hand touched the door, Bucky heard a floorboard creak. He froze and his breath hitched.

Bucky slowly set the glass of water down on the floor and pulled out his handgun from his waistband. He held the gun at the ground as he slowly entered the room. Bucky then held his gun out and he scanned the room. Once fully inside the room, he saw it was empty. He dropped the gun to his side as he took another step in.

When he took that second step, the door shut behind him. Bucky spun around and went to point the gun, but a hand punched his wrist making him release the gun. The gun fell to the floor with a small crash as Bucky realized who he was looking at.

He looked over Eve's emotionless face as she stood in the corner of his room with a beam of moonlight shining across her eyes. She didn't say or do anything for a moment, he just stood still as Eve's eyes scanned his face. He watched her eyes look at his, then to the bed as if she was trying to remember something. Bucky began praying that she would.

Bucky didn't want to say anything to provoke her, but in the end, Eve kicked him in the side of the head, knocking him out in an instant.

Bucky started waking up slowly, squinting his eyes. His stomach dropped when he felt a familiar position he was forced to sit in all those times. He ripped off the bandaid by opening his eyes and letting out a breath when he saw he wasn't back in the electric chair. Instead, he saw Eve sitting across from him, staring at him with her elbows resting on her knees and her hands relaxed.

Alvaro then walked in between them and stood in front of Bucky. Bucky wanted to stand and kill Alvaro where he stood, but he was restrained by chains wrapped around his wrists connecting in the middle. He also realized there were chains around his ankles in the same fashion as a prisoner.

"Glad to have you back," Alvaro said in a low sarcastic tone. "We are excited to finally have a full team." In that moment, a guy appeared in the room next to Eve, landing as if he just got done running.

"It's finished," the guy said to Alvaro.

"Good. Just in time to meet The Winter Soldier," Alvaro claimed. Bucky looked the new guy up and down, obviously not impressed.

"An honor meeting such a renowned assassin, although I'm afraid I'm needed elsewhere," he said before vanishing again. Bucky then realized that's how Eve got away.

"Ciro is never one for chatting," Alvaro sighed. "Eve," he turned to her and said. She looked up at him then stood, walking up to Bucky to grab his chains. Eve pulled him to stand and led Bucky by a chain leash out of the room.

Minutes later, they were in a garage. Multiple other agents were in the garage getting ready to leave. Eve opened the back seat door to an SUV for Bucky. Before he climbed in, he stopped in front of Eve, looking at her, begging to remember, but getting nothing.

His chains scratched the SUV noisily as he hopped into the back seat. Eve shut the door and walked around to get into the other back seat while two agents got into the front. The driver then started the car and began driving out of the garage with a car following them.

Bucky looked over at Eve, watching her look forward with virtually no response. Every second she didn't remember, saddened him more. On top of that, he was scared. He was scared of what was to come. Bucky was fairly certain that he got the Hydra part out of him, but what if they succeed at bringing him back?

Thirty minutes into the drive, the agent into the passenger seat in front of Eve began reading Bucky's file. He flipped open the manila file cover and looked it over as Bucky watched.

"James Buchanan Barnes," the agent read off absentmindedly. Eve suddenly blinked multiple times before scrunching her eyebrows. Bucky's head jolted in her direction looking hopeful.

Eve began looking around as she had come to the realization of her situation. Fear now made its way over her features as she turned to look at Bucky. She looked at his hands and feet chained up before letting her eyes look at his face. He let a breath out as he realized Eve remembered him.

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