Yeah, I like the way you smile with your eyes...

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I looked aroud. Niall was sleeping. I checked the time. It was 3pm. 8 more hours till we land in LA. I decided to go to the bathroom and freshen up a bit. Someone was in it already so I waited outside. Unfortunatly I was standidng too close to the door and the person that opened them really hit me hard!

"Oh my god, are you okay? I'm so sorry!"

"Yeah, I'm fine. And don't worry! It was my fault!"

I looked up at him and got lost in his black eyes. It kinda looked like he got lost in mine too. But I don't wanna be over-dramatic.

"Still, I'm terribly sorry..."


"Leah... I'm Jake."

I shook his hand.

"Its nice to meet you!"

"So are you flying alone?"

"No. My boyfriend is right there!"

I pointed to Niall. He was so cute when he was sleeping. He looked like an angel.

"Is that... NIALL!?"

"Yes. Yes it is."

How did this guy know him? Oh right, he's famous, everyone knows him. Sometimes I wish he wasn't so recodnisable. Sometimes I just wanted to have him for myself.

"Are you telling me that you're dating Niall?"

"Yeah. Is that... Weird?"

"No, its just... No its nothing."

"It doesnt sound like nothing to me. Is there a problem?"

Jake was getting nervous and he kept staring at Niall. Like... Like he was afraid of him. I could have sworn Jake knew Niall from somewhere.

"Seriously, its nothing. I'm just surprised. Thats all. Well I must be going back to my seat. It was nice meeting you!"

Before I could say anything he was already gone. Is it just me or was that kinda creepy? So I have 8 more hours.. Should I wake Niall up? Maybe ask him about this Jake person? But he looks so sweet! Maybe I'll just try to fall asleep again. Jake kept running through my mind. Why was he surprised? Did they have a history? Do they know eachother from when they were kids? But Jake didn't have an irish accent. Actually he didn't have an accent at all. He was speaking perfect American. Maybe he knows him from when One direction was still together? All this thinking made me tired and before you know it, I was sleeping again.

"Leah. Leah, wake up!"

"5 more minutes mum!"

"Mum? Leah, its me!"

I opened my eyes. It was already dark outside. Niall was poking my shoulder. Is he trying to give me a bruise?

"Ouch! I'm awake!"

He chuckled and I pushed him away.

"Whats the time? How long have you been awake?"

"We land in an hour. I woke up like... 3 hours ago."

"What were you doing?"

"I... I was just watching through the window."

I looked out and it was really dark. I looked at Niall and raised one eyebrow.

"Okay I wasn't looking through the window. I found a friend, his seat is back there. We were just talking."

"Friend? Would his name be oh, I dont know, Jake?"

"How did.. Where... What??"

His confusion amused me.

"I met Jake a few hours ago. He looked like he knew you. Hes kinda weird, don't you think?"

"Yeah! Old Jakey is the funniest guy I know."

"Where did you two meet?"

He hasitated. I could see that there was something he's not telling me. I didn't know if i should poke more, or just leave it alone.

"You know you should get some more sleep. You have the interview in 3 hours!"

He looked relieved. I was happy i didnt ask more questions. I didn't need to stress him before the big interview. He needed some rest. We landed and the security guard quickly guided us to the car. I guess Niall wasn't supposed to say Hi to the fans. We had a peaceful drive to the hotel. We got seperate rooms but the hotel manager said that if we want to be in one room together, he'd be happy to help. We decided its easier if he have seperate rooms. He had an interview in an hour and he said I could just order room service and spend the night in the hotel. He wanted to take me shopping the next day. I got bored so I went online. I checked my old facebook profile, twitter and listened to some music. It was 10pm. Niall already left. Maybe I could rent a movie? I certanly couldn't sleep. I slept on the plane. I called dow to the lobby and asked if I could get Monte Carlo. I just loved Selena! We met once. Niall introdused us. She's a great girl! And she's talanted too. I took the phone again and ordered room service. Ice-cream sundy sounds great! Looks like I know how I'm spendidng my night. I really didn't know when, but suddenly i just couldn't keep my eyes open anymore. I just felt a kiss on the cheek and then a blanket was pulled over me. The next thing you know, I'm already dreaming about Niall.

"Honey? Cmon wake up! Its a beautiful day!"

"I don't want to!"

"I have an amazing day planned for us!"

"I don't feel like it!"

"When you wake up,

you always whine,

you need to get up,

you look divine!"

"Did you just think of that?"

"Only for you. Now get up! You're not missing the best day ever!"

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