"Auror Chosen One"

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"You're ruining his life, you know."

"Travis," Harry says unsurprised as he heads towards Draco's office for lunch finally. "I was wondering when you were going to pop back up. D'you need something?"

"You don't deserve Draco. He had a life before you! He's a great Curse Breaker and he doesn't need you."

"Mhm," hums Harry. "Was that all?"

"He's going to see right through you," Travis says, standing in Harry's way. He has his arms crossed and a put out look on his face. Harry is fully prepared to walk away when the junior curse breaker speaks again. "It's obvious that all of this is a ruse. You don't really care about him at all, do you? Just missed seeing your name in the papers, I bet."

Harry narrows his eyes before turning his head to face the guy head on. He's taller than Travis with much broader shoulders and he doesn't try to reign in his loose magic when he starts talking.

"I don't know what rumors you've started, Ackers, but Draco and I have been married for longer than either of us have had a job in the Ministry and I love him with everything I've got." Harry takes a step closer, not breaking eye contact but the air is starting to crackle around them. It smells like a storm brewing on the quidditch pitch when he lifts a finger and pokes at Travis' chest. "I am smart enough to let my husband make his own friends and decisions because he is a grown man, but if you ever approach me like this again it will be the end of you. I'm an auror and the bloody saviour of the wizarding world and you think I'd be scared of you? Please. I won't hesitate to turn you into a beetle and crush you under my heel. Do I make myself clear?"

"I didn't...er— mean to uh...in-insinuate-" Travis starts to stutter out before Harry takes another step forward, his scars glowing terrifyingly pale against his warm brown skin.

"One must not tell lies, Ackers," he barks at him out of instinct, his voice quieting to a threatening whisper. "I said, do I make myself clear?"

"Y-yes sir, Mr. Potter...uh Auror Potter, sir. Crystal clear. Clearer than crystal. Extremely clear. The clearest."

He's running down the corridor seconds later and Harry takes a deep breath to calm his magic before walking the rest of the way to his husband's office. Once he's there the man in question is leaning against the door jamb, smiling at him.

"You blew out the lights down in the archives and set off five Unspeakable power scale alarms. Blaise called," Draco explains amused. "He noticed your magical signature. Oh, you also set a fire down in Brittwood's office. That one, I saw for myself."

"Travis," says Harry by way of explanation and it works because Draco laughs and Harry's never heard a sound he loves more. He walks over and kisses his husband's cheek because he can now. It makes him giddy and ready to eat in public with the man he loves.

They're trying to decide which Muggle place to go to for lunch as they walk through the ministry on their way out. Prying eyes and ears had been following them all week and they thought a lunch out would be much more comfortable.

They had thought that after confirming their marriage, the scrutiny and spying and watching would be over, but now everyone was waiting for the big event. They were keeping a close eye on both men in case one of them slipped up about their super secret plans to renew their vows with a huge wedding. Truth be told, neither of them were even a part of the planning process and Luna, Hermione and Pansy were still in the color picking phase. That doesn't stop everyone from staring, though, especially after Harry's explosion in the hallway. Once they remember that, they make it to the lifts in record time.

The ride to the restaurant is much less rushed thanks to traffic, but they're still cornered by a couple of wizarding press members on their way inside of the establishment. A stern look from Harry and Draco reaching for his wand sends them running for the hills.

"C'mon then," Harry says laughing while wrapping his arm around his husband's waist and placing a kiss on his cheek. "Let's get some food in you, before you do some real damage."

"I think you forgot who blew the fuse back at the Ministry. More than one fuse, really, if you ask the archival witches."

"It was an accident!" defends Harry for what feels like the 30th time since they've left work. "And I didn't pull my wand out."

"Cause you don't need to, Auror Chosen One," Draco teases back. "I just don't understand why everyone is so bloody interested in our life now. The press haven't bothered us in years! They get one shot of us out together and piece together that we're married now everyone and their crup want to know whether or not our wedding will take place at the manor. We don't even live in the manor. No one does!"

Harry's still laughing when they walk through the doors.

"Reservation for Potter," he says with a smile on his face, grabbing Draco's hand as the hostess walks them to a table.

"We could have just gone to the pub for lunch." Draco's voice is soft and uncomfortable as he looks around for signs of anyone watching them. He missed being the center of attention, but it was giving him post-war flashbacks. Thoughts of being chased down and stoned and hexed and cursed and not having Harry there to help.

He sucks in a breath when Harry places a hand on his in comfort.

"And what, have you harp at me about it for the rest of the night? No thanks." His goofy grin forces a small smile out of his husband too and he squeezes Draco's hand in his. "Are you really okay?"

"This is the most attention I've gotten since..." He shakes his head.  "It's different when they want an interview for a case or something, but I haven't had this much attention on me since the trials. What if they bring them up again?"

"Then we'll get through it together. Draco, when you were going through the trials, even with my testimony, you were alone. Pansy was gone and Blaise was in training and your mother was dealing with her own shit. You're not alone anymore. You haven't been for years. And if I have anything to say about it, you won't be ever again." Harry shrugs. "What the bloody fuck does the Prophet know anyway?"

Harry's eyes are determined, the way they always are when he's talking about love and taking care of the people he cares about. It shakes him to his core to remember that Harry loves him. Cares about him. Draco pulls Harry in for a kiss and the ravenette leans into it easily. They pull apart for only a moment before continuing to pepper soft kisses on each other's lips, the world around them melting away until their plates are finally placed on the table. They eat together in companionable silence, peeking at each other with soft smiles on their faces.

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