CHAPTER 2: Reunion, and Hate

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That would be the door bell. I ran down the stairs to go and answer it, but my little sister was already there.

"Anna, the door is for you." My little sister, Carman said turning around flashing me her big toothy grin.

I smiled at her. She is so cute. "Alright, Carman."

i walked over to the door and saw someone i wasnt expecting. It was Britney.

"Hey, Anna. Would you mind if i came in?"

Britney and i were not friends, infact we were enemies. I used to be her friend, in middle school. But then she stopped talking to me when i became a cheerleader, and now she hated me.

"What are you doing here?" I asked a little more colder than i expected.

"We need to talk." Britney responded.

"What about?"


That name sent shivers through my body. Samfira is a very scary person, she always has been. Even when Britney and i were best friends, just the way she looked at me when i went over to her house was creepy. She looked at me longingly, almost as if she wished that i was her friend instead of Britney's. But she was really pretty, i mean she used to be. Now she looks stressed out and doesnt bother. Speaking of her, i havent seen her around school lately.

"What about your sister, Britney? Is she taking the spotlight away from you? Why are you deciding to talk to me after you told me you hate me?" I snarled. I wasnt in the mood for this, infact i could care less.

"Anna, listen to me. I need to talk to you." Britney gave me her pleading eyes, the ones she used to give me when she wanted me to do something for her like get rid of a boyfriend or convince a boy to go out with her.

"Fine. Come in. Go straight to my bedroom." I replied, not to nicely.

We walked to my bedroom in silence. What did she want to tell me? Whatever it was, must have been important if she wanted to talk to me about it. But it was about her sister? She didnt like her sister, or did she now? I didnt know anything about her. I havent talked to her since probably about grade 7.

When we got to my bedroom, she started the conversation.

"So how have you been all these years?" She asked me this question as if i was the one who left her, even though she left me.

"I have been pretty good. But could you please get to the point, Britney?" I really liked her name. Thats why i used to always say it.

She chuckled, " I see you still like my name. But to the point." She fiddled around a little before continuing, seeming uncomfortable,

"I need to tell you that..." She took a deep breathe, seeming uneasy. "Samfira ran away four days ago."

Why did she care so much?

"And...?" I replied. Now she was wasting my time.

"And its not that i care, but i dont have anyone to keep my grades up. And i was wondering that... Maybe.. You could help me, urrm, maybe tutor me?" She gave me a half smile.

"You arent serious, right? Your sister ran away, and all you care about is the fact that your grades are going down?"

She's so selfish.

"Anna, please. I need to keep my grades up or else i wont be able to become a doctor!" She gave me a pouting lip.

"Oh please. You wont become a doctor because your too busy getting it on in bed, never mind getting good grades. I know what you do. You get your sister to do your work for you. You never do any of it." I sickered a bit before continuing,

"Now get out before i throw up in disgust. The door is over there." I said pointing at the door.

Maybe that was too harsh? She deserves it. She has been stepping all over her sister for ages, and now that her sister ran away she doesnt even care?

"Anna please. I understand thata you are disgusted with me, but could you please help me out?"

"Britney, do you not undersatdn that the reason why i dont want to is because your sister is gone, and you dont even care! youre unbelieveable."

"Fine. I'll leave you alone in one condition. You dontgo looking for me sister."

I have had enough now.

"Im not making any promises." With that she glared at me, and walked out of my house.



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