Booster Shot

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"Peter Raul Mendes!" Justin yelled as he walked up the stairs. "You are being completely childish and you need to come out from wherever you're hiding before I spank your butt!" He threatened as he opened the door to Shawn's room.

"Shawn," he called out again, receiving no answer. He grunted in annoyance as he left back out of Shawn's room, 'where the hell is this kid? We are gonna be late!' He thought angrily. He walked into his own room and sighed, sitting on his bed as he went to go call Shawn on his cell.

Justin hung up when he heard Shawn's ringtone from under his bed. Justin rolled his eyes and got on his hands and knees to take a peek. He lifted the covers and saw Shawn underneath with his eyes red and face wet from silently crying.

Justin simply looked at him for a moment in silence trying to process everything when Shawn whimpered, "don't make me go," He sniffled. Shawn was absolutely terrified of hospitals ever since he was a baby.

"Shhh, baby you gotta go and get your vaccinations today," Justin reached under for Shawn but Shawn pulled away and backed up. "No! I'm not going!" Shawn shrieked in fear, backing up more. He bumped his head on the wood at the bottom of Justin's bed while doing so. He held his throbbing head and began to cry.

"See what happens when you're hard headed? Come here," Justin pulled Shawn out and looked at his head. Shawn sniffled and whined as Justin rubbed the smarting spot gently and kissed it.

"You're gonna be okay, come on we gotta go." He helped Shawn to his feet and walked him towards the door. "Wait I need something!" Shawn sprinted off to his room quickly.

Justin pinched the bridge of his nose and sighed, wondering what he was gonna have to do with that boy. He saw Shawn coming back down momentarily with a small blanket. Justin resisted his urge to tease him and simply walked out the door with Shawn in tow.
Justin and Shawn arrived at the hospital and signed in at the desk. Shawn hid in his hoodie and dreaded the very fact he was there. Justin nudged him towards some seats and sat down with Shawn.

"Justin, can we please go home? I'm afraid." He whispered so the other patients in the clinic couldn't hear him. Justin looked at him with sympathy and patted his head.

"Sure baby," Shawn's eyes sparkled with happiness until Justin finished his sentence, "after you get your shot." Justin told him as he picked up his phone and went through his text messages.

Shawn felt like crying as he sat back in his chair and looked around the small clinic. He sighed and crossed his legs, playing with his thumbs in a bored manner.

"Shawn Mendes!" The nurse called out. Shawn's heart skipped a beat and he whimpered and looked at Justin. "Time to get up baby," Justin lifted Shawn up by his bicep gently and walked him towards the door.

After the nurse took Shawn's weight and height, she took them both into a small room decorated like a 1970s jazz band which was intriguing to Shawn and pretty bad ass to Justin.

"The Doctor will be in in a moment," the nurse winked at Justin and left back out. Shawn sat on the bed and sniffled again, nervous. Justin sighed and kissed Shawn's cheek, then caressed it softly.

"You're going to be okay, you've gotten booster shots before so why are you so scared now?" Justin asked curiously which simply freaked Shawn out.

Shawn began crying and Justin sighed in frustration and wrapped his arms around Shawn, "what's wrong now baby?" He murmured in his ear, Shawn began begging that they leave but Justin refused his demands.

"Hey Shawnie--oh no, what's wrong honey?" Shawn's primary care doctor asked in a concerned manner. She's been his doctor since he was 7 and when he transferred to an adult physician he was able to keep her.

Despite the fact he knew and trusted her, he still didn't like the idea of getting a shot or any kind of blood work done because of a scary hospital movie he saw when he was little.

"I'm sorry doc, I don't know why he's like this," Justin said referring to his brother who was having a melt down. Shawn was shaking with tears streaming down his face as he held onto Justin with a death grip.

"Sweetie, I'm sorry that you're afraid but if we go ahead and give you your shot you can go home and cuddle with your brother," she smiled sweetly as she got the needle prepared.

Shawn sniffled and looked at Justin with the saddest expression ever. "You will?" He asked. Justin smiled and nodded, "Of course baby, now let's get this done."

Justin pulled Shawn's pants down and undies causing Shawn to blush harshly. He whined and tried to leave only for Justin to block his way and guide him back to the bench. "Hold still, pumpkin." Justin rubbed Shawn's back gently as the doctor came close.

Shawn shut his eyes tightly and whined slightly. He was getting frustrated with how long it was taking to get it over with. "Doc can you please do it?" He whimpered. His doctor smiled bright, "Ive been done for 2 minutes now baby,"

Shawn's eyes widened and he looked back and saw her putting a bandaid on one of his cheeks. Shawn sniffled and sighed in relief as Justin pulled his clothes back up.

"Can you say 'thank you, doctor Kristen?'" Justin urged Shawn to say. Shawn glared at Justin for babying him and blushed. He smiled sheepishly and turned to the doctor, "thank you," he said as he gave her a hug, turning back to stick his tongue out at Justin who pinched his cheek.

"Aww you're welcome sweety," she smiled as she offered Shawn two suckers. As they left out of the hospital Shawn smiled and gave Justin one of his suckers.

Justin smirked and kissed Shawn's cheek before politely declining the offer. "No thanks baby, you keep it but thank you." Justin caressed Shawn's cheek before he started driving.

"I'm so proud of you, Shawnie. You were my brave boy," Justin praised Shawn. Shawn didn't respond so Justin figured he embarrassed him until he heard soft snoring.

He turned to the side to his brother sleeping. Justin smirked, "Sleep tight my little baby." As they drove home, Justin was using his free hand to stroke his brother's face and hair gently.

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