chapter twenty seven - the hogsmeade visit

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Hogsmeade was crowded, even though it was only morning. Lily stared around at all the people littering the road as they walked past all the shops.

"First stop?" Sirius asked, stopping outside the Three Broomsticks. Everyone agreed.

The road outside had been icy, so the warmth of the store was such a relief to the lot of them.

They all chose a booth and settled down into it, all except James, who remained standing. "I'll go get the drinks," he explained. "Anyone care to help me carry?" He stared directly at Lily as he spoke.

With a deep breath, Lily nodded. She slid out of the booth and walked up to James, who grinned at her. She felt her stomach drop.

Today, for some particular reason, Madam Rosmerta's Rosmerta-ishness seemed to irritate Lily even more than usual. She was, as usual,  flirting with James as she got their drinks ready. It was quite a relief once they could finally head back to their table.

Lily slid back into place next to Remus, and James slid in beside her.

"Ah, this is the reason why I live!" Sirius sighed as he took the first sip of his Butterbeer.

"You know what I just realized?" Laurelle said. "Exams are like, in two months."

"Four months." Dorcas corrected.

"My point is, they're really close to now." Laurelle continued. "Have any of you lot been studying?"

"I normally study the day before." Sirius said. "So it all gets stuck in my head, y'know."

"I read my textbook," James said.

"You mean skim your eyes over the pages and hope it'll get stuck in your head?" Lily offered.

James grinned. "Exactly."

"I think you lot are all bonkers." Marlene added. "You should think like Remus and I, study a whole year before."

"I read for fun, not to study." Remus shrugged.

"How are our textbooks fun?" Sirius asked, wrinkling his nose in confusion.

"Because, first of all, they're interesting. Secondly, they make you think." Remus explaimed.

"That's my definition of studying. " Dorcas said.

"Studying isn't interesting, though." James said.

"It is if you actually process what you're reading," Lily argued.

"But then you'll just have a load of tosh in your head that'll probably be useless for what you want to do." James said.

"But there'll be something you can relate to when you're feeling certain feelings." Lily argued again.

"Yeah, like Muggle love stories." Dorcas chimed in. She added, "My mum loves those bloody soap operas."

"My mum enjoys Disney movies." Laurelle said.

"Ooh, did you see Bambi?" Lily said. She turned to James. "You should watch it, Potter. I'm absolutely positive you'll find it en-deer-ing,"

Sirius hooted happily and leaned over to high-five Lily, who winked at James.

His nerves on end, James winked back. "I find it wondoeful that you were thinking of me."

Lily nodded. "I know, staggering, right?"

James grinned at Lily, who returned the gesture. They just sat there for a moment, staring into each other's eyes.

Remus cleared his throat, ending the moment. "Oi, don't mean to interrupt, I was just wondering where's the next destination?"

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