CHAPTER 7: With a lil breakfast

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"If I found my way in I can find my way out."
-most people with bull in they blood

December 22, 2021

"I'm sorry Milan. I didn't mean too." Ro cried in front of me as we stood outside the house party that was being thrown by the seniors of our high school.

"He was suppose to be mine Ro. How could you." I cried as my Best friend stood in front of me unknowing that he had left over semen on his face.

"I'm sorry. I'm so sorry." He cried as he hugged my legs.

"You were suppose to be someone I can trust! The only person that truly loved me and cared and you gone suck his dick! His dick!" I yelled as I hit him trying to unattach him of my legs.

"I didn't mean to! I do love you!"

"No you dont and it wasn't no fucking accident!" I kicked him off of my feet. "After all weve been through YOU would do this to me." I wiped my tears as he looked down on the floor. "We're done."

"Milan im sorry!" He yelled as I ran away from him. "MILAN COME BACK!" He yelled harder. "COME BACK!"

Jumping out of the bed in cold sweats and tears,  I turn over on my side and look at the window seeing it's still dark and sigh.

You know it wasn't your fault.

"Yeah, keep telling me that." I mumbled as I climbed out the bed to go to the bathroom.

After I used it I ran in circles around the room, did crunches, and trunk lifts before getting back up just to look at the door.

You think it's locked?

On way to find out.

I walked to the door and twisted the door knob with one eye open and smiled when I noticed it wasn't locked.

Thank God.

Deciding to make a break for it, I ran down the stairs and found myself in front of the front door where I tried to run out but only got tazored falling to the floor and the alarm to sound off.

"Fuck." I groaned as Oscar the Grouch came down the stairs with sleep still in his eyes.

"Really?" He asked as I continued to lay on the floor still suffering from the shock.

No he ain't help me. He's too much of an ass to do that so when I gained sensibility again, I walked into the kitchen from suffering from dehydration.

"Finally." Oscar says sitting at the island pulling out a chair for me to sit. "I poured you some Milk..." He said sliding the glass my way before he pulled it back. "Or you don't drink this either?"

"Fuck you asswhole." I mugged him saying while I pulled the glass out his grasp. "I just don't like Orange juice. Sunny D, only when it's the only thing left in the fridge if someone buys it."

"Why?" He asked.

"You got some cookies bruh?" I asked getting up avoiding his question.

"Yea they in that cabinet." He said pointing to the cabinet above the fridge. I mugged him as he chuckled. "Why you side pass my question?"

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