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Author's note:

Hi guys, this is just a extra chapter, if you want to skip it, its fine. It wont really affect the main chapter. This is just a chapter before mizuna meet and join the strawhats. Anyway let's get into it.


Mizuna pov:

2 years later....

Shanks left the island about 6 months ago, and I'm on the island, alone, training my witchcraft. I was so bored that I was thinking of going to ace grave to visit them since I did told them that I'll be visiting. I read the newspaper and see that luffy is back after 2 years and my thought was that they must be on their way to fishmen island. I smile at the thought of that and cant wait to meet them.

While I was on my way to the grave (I travel by using my broom readers) (Lav: *sigh and fix the wall*) I see someone sitting in front of the two tombstone. With his black hat, his iron pipe his blond hair and guess who it is........ The second commander of the revolutionary army, sabo.

The wind blows softly on the hill as the sakura petals still falling 'oh, I wonder when will it ends

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The wind blows softly on the hill as the sakura petals still falling 'oh, I wonder when will it ends...I guess never then'. To be honest I love this island so much, its pretty and I love the scenery so much, and it is the only island that surrounded by water, no trees, no houses, just grass, flowers, 2 tombstones, swords that stuck on the grass, and falling sakura petals.

I fly quietly above him as I make myself invisible. I want to hear what he is gonna say as I flying as low as I can to hear him, I know I'm such a busybody but I already watch this scene though but I want to hear it 3D hehehe.


Sabo pov:

After long moments of silence, I smiled bitterly.

"I've thought so much about what I would say once I came here. I've come up with thousands of speeches, thousands of reasons to explain why I never came back, why I let you and Luffy believe I had died that day at sea, grieve me. But, most of all, I've thought of thousands of explanations of why I didn't come to your rescue like Luffy and your crew did. Now, being here, they all seem so shallow I can't even bring myself to say them."

mizuna stay quiet as she try to contain herself from crying.

I fell silent, as I am waiting for an answer that seriously won't be answered, and the emptiness in my heart ever since that fateful day from two years ago grew inside of me, as it threatening to swallow me again like what happen before too.

Then I remembered if ace were here and he listen to me saying this, he would have yelled at me or even hit me for being an idiot, and I had no doubt the Ace who had died at Marineford protecting Luffy would have done exactly the same. I smile at the memories of when we were younger.

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