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He walked out and glared at me. But his glare was one which had the look of victory in it. I breathed in and Steve grabbed my hand. He knew this was going to be intense. My father looked at our hands and smiled at Steve. It was terrifying. 

"Tony. I'm glad I finally found where you run off too. Let's go home." There was a hint of something which scared me about that statement. He was acting too calm. "You're boyfriend can't come though."

"H-he's not my boyfriend." I said, pulling my hand away.

"No. But I know you like him. It was written in your journal." He said, "I'll be waiting in the car." And then he walked away. My lip started to quiver and my breathing became very rough. Steve held onto me because I could not breathe. 

"Get me away." I said to Steve in panic.


"Get me away! Now!" I felt like I was about to collapse. Steve looked over at the car. My dad was staring at us. He pulled me close to his chest and tried to calm me down, but it wasn't working. 

"I'm gonna pick you up and run." He said. He knew exactly what it meant now my dad had destroyed my safe place and knew that I hadn't suddenly become straight. 

Steve lifted me off the ground and I heard the car door slam. He'd gotten out of it. Thats when Steve made a break for it. He was fast. Thank God he was fast. He ran faster than I thought he would with him carrying me. Let's face it, I'm not the lightest of people in the world. My dad had chased us so far, but we managed to escape him. 

He was panting rapidly as we arrived at his home. I wasn't sure if this was a good place to hide because my mom knows where he lives, but it would do for now. I was breathing a bit better now.

Steve's parents were home, and it was embarrassing for them to see me in such a wreck. They invited me in. Steve told them what had happened. I didn't want to speak. My mind was all over the place. It turned out they had an air mattress I could sleep on for the time being. But I was to tell my mother where I was over the phone. I used Steve's phone to do so. Mine was dying and my charger was at my home- so yeah I wasn't going to get that any time soon. 

"You wrote about me" Steve said, "in your jounal. You said you liked me." I was laid on the airbed on his floor currently. He was up on his bed.

"You're so surprised?" I asked, "you already knew I liked you."

"But you rejected me." He looked down over the edge of his bed at me. 

"Because I was scared of what my father would do."

"And now?"

"I'm even more scared." I answered. He climbed off his bed and onto my 'bed'.

"You don't need to be scared, Tony. I'm going to look after you." He was leaning over me. I blushed a little at how close we were.

"I just don't want you to get hurt" I told him. He nodded.

"I won't, I can defend myself." He whispered. He leaned down and kissed me. I didn't expect it and it was nice. I kissed back. This was my first kiss in a long time. Steve later admitted that this was his first kiss with a male. It was sweet. I really felt that I loved him.

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