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'so mark huh?' naeun asked me while wiggling her eyebrows.
just as i was about to say something, my phone rang.

i looked at the caller id and saw that the one and only chenle was calling me.

'aren't you going to pick up?' hyejin asked me while i kept staring at my phone.
'no, i'm going to bed. goodnight.' i said while walking to the stairs.

'but it's not even evening yet?!' i heard them yell, but i just ignored them and layed down in my bed.

i wasn't feeling like talking to anyone at this point, i didn't know what in the world was happening.

after a while of just rolling around i finally closed my eyes to take a nap, but just at that moment someone knocked on my door.

'go away.' i said, thinking it was either naeun or hyejin.
'miyeon it's me, chenle.' i heard him say from the other side of my door.

wait, chenle?
he came here?

my eyes widened and i sat up.
'oh, come in.' i said, and not many seconds later the door opened, revealing chenle.

'are you feeling okay?' the blonde haired boy asked while sitting down on my desk chair.

'yeah i'm fine, don't worry.' i smiled at him.

he smiled back and sighed.
'look, i think you know why i'm here.' he said.

and i knew exactly why he was here.

'i tried calling you but you didn't pick up so i decided to stop by.' he finished.

'i know it's about the letter, and i'm gonna be honest with you.' i started, and he looked at me, waiting for me to finish.

'chenle, you're a great boy and you're adorable. but you never meant to get that letter, and especially not now because i don't feel that way anymore.' i said.

he laughed a bit.

'i had that idea, and it's fine!' chenle smiled at me.
'wait really?' i asked him.

'yes! and you look like you had a rough day so far, so what would you think if we go have some fun.' he suggested.

'that sounds amazing, let me get dressed.' i said and he nodded.

'i'll wait for you downstairs.'


kind of a short chapter, but i'm at my friends house and still wanted to update so here u go! (:

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