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Tobias' POV

I wake alone today, much to my misery. Tris is getting released from the infirmary tonight. It's a day later than expected but at least she's coming home. After my shower I throw on a black top, jeans and leather jacket. Today is the final fights, which is good. Then the scores for stage one go up. I'm trying to convince Eric to not let anyone get cut, or a smaller amount. It's a good group this year and I hate seeing the initiates become Factionless. I don't want to be questioned by my friends about Tris so I eat at my place. As I eat my toast I look at my incredibly clean apartment. Yes, clean. I've surprised myself actually. But it's for a good cause. I want Tris to live with me. It might be a long shot but I'm going to ask her when she gets out. So today or tomorrow. I love her with all of my heart, and I think she feels the same way. So I attempted to clean my place in order to show her it's big enough for two people. Maybe more. I throw my plate in the sink to clean later and make my way to the training rooms. Let the fighting begin.

When I get there I'm shocked. As tears stream down her face, Hermione beats the crap out of a punching bag. I watch her for a moment, amused. I've never seen her like this. I move into the room and pair up today's fights. We ignore each other. When I'm halfway done someone else joins us. "Hermione, there you are!" Harry exclaims while entering. I hear her stop punching the bag. When I turn away from the blackboard I see them sitting on the fighting arena. Because I'm so kind, I prepare for the fights while listening to their conversation. "Harry," Hermione sobs, voice cracking. "What does it feel like when you see Ginny with Dean?"

"To be honest, like a punch in the face."

"So I'm feeling the right thing then?" They both laugh lightly before Hermione sobs again. "I can't stand it, or him. Or them. It's- it's-"

"Not fair?"

"Very." she sniffs back. Ah, the pain of young love. They sit in silence then as I prepare everything. In about ten minutes all the other initiates are here. Today we are missing two people, Tris and Augustus. It's fair though. Both are injured in the infirmary. I clear my throat to get everyone's attention. "Okay listen up! Today is the Stage One finals. Final fights will happen and then tonight, the scores go up."

"Will anyone get cut?" Katniss asks.

"I'm not sure." the transfers murmur to each other in response. No one likes the idea of being cut. "Let's begin then! Black Widow and Steve your up." They smile to each other and walk to the arena. "You gonna take it easy on me Cap?" Black Widow smirks.

"Not a chance."

"Good." They put their arms up and circle for a moment. Then they start. Black Widow attempts to kick his side, which Steve immediately deflects. She back flips to not fall. They both stare at each other for a moment before Black Widow runs at Steve. Somehow she flips onto Steve's back and starts to choke him. This is where I step in. "Black Widow stop it! We don't want to kill each other!" She rolls her eyes but climbs off Steve who seems fine. After many punches, kicks and blood Black Widow is knocked out. Steve and Tony help her up but she seems angry. Not at Steve, at herself. After calling up River and Johanna it only takes River seconds to knock Johanna out. Harry and Annabeth follow them. Both throw some good punches but Annabeth wins when she knocks Harry's glasses off and kicks his head. She apologised for it afterwards. A lot. Percy and Draco were next. Both boys are good so this should be interesting. Unfortunately Draco won. As he smirked triumphantly Annabeth glared daggers at him while she helped Percy. I decide to have one more fight before lunch. It's Rose and Katniss. Rose is strong but Katniss is quick. Katniss wins. I then call a lunch break and hope to hell that they don't kill each other during the break. These are possibly the most important fights. No one likes losing. I would go and see Tris but I don't have long. Besides, she's coming home tonight. And honestly I don't know if I could handle seeing her in the infirmary again. Instead I grab a sandwich from the cafeteria and eat it on the way to the training room. On my way, Eric stops me. "Four."

"Eric." I straighten immediately. I still hate Eric but he is a leader. I'm not scared because I know I could whip his butt, but I also know he could kick me out of Dauntless. "Meet me in my office at seven tonight. I need to discuss initiation with you." I nod and he leaves. Maybe this means no one gets cut. I hope so. But there are lots of possibilities. The next stage of training could change. Augustus might get cut. Tris might not be able to be a trainer. Maybe- wait. No, it can't be about Tris. Surely not. I mean she's fine. She's coming home today. Tomorrow's visiting day so she can rest tomorrow. Everything will be fine.

The initiates arrive seconds after myself. I get straight into the next round. "Tony! Ginny! Let's go." I watch the two slowly get up and prepare. I try to pay attention but my mind keeps wondering. Ginny kicks his side first. She goes to kick his chest but Tony grabs her foot midair and twists her leg, so Ginny lands on the floor. She's quick to stand again. They both throw a couple of punches until Ginny gets Tony's nose. In return, he kicks her head. Tony wins. Hermione helps Ginny up, along with Harry and Ron. But Hermione glares daggers at Ron the entire time. They get her some ice for her head as I call Clara and Hermione. It was a quick victory for Clara. I then call the last fight EVER: Hazel and Ron. Thank god it's over. The fight surprises me though. Ron punches Hazel's stomach before knocking her to the ground. But then Hazel kicks his cheek and goes crazy. And I mean, full on ninja crazy. She won and left Ron with a broken nose. Who would've thought? After this I gather everyone around. "Well done initiates. You've completed Stage One. The results will be up tonight so stay tuned. Tomorrow is visiting day. Then we begin Stage Two. Dismissed." They all leave, some happier than others. After I clean up I basically run to Tris' apartment. She'll be home now.

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