Chapter 27

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His eyelids lower heavily over black eyes. ''I want...her blood'' he growls deeply, licking his lips. 

''We should get him a sedative'' Jin states urgently, as Taehyung tries to steady his breathing.

They turn around and head back, scampering through the slender trees which loomed high above. The silvery light reflected by the half moon was slowed to a trickle by the full branches, and Taehyung had to squint, only to see a path of gloom and uncertainty ahead.

Why did I drink her blood if I knew it would result in this...?


Meanwhile, Y/N and Jackson were up to some training.

Training for what you ask?

''Okay, how the fuck does this work?'' Jackson asks, sitting crossed legged on the floor across Y/N.

''You basically-''

''OH FUCK'' he backs away, as your bones twist and turn like snakes, dark hairs sprouting out your skin. He watches with a hand across his eyes, grimacing slightly. 

''Okay, my turn. How did you do it again?'' he asks tentatively, bracing himself.

You had mastered the arts of turning when you willed, and you were loving it. Jackson on the other hand, had watched you turn about three times now, and was still having trouble. The fur which had appeared on your skin disappear as fast as it had appeared, and you now stand looming over him in human form.

''Okay, first of all breath. Close your eyes'' you say calmly. ''What do you see?''

''Nothing!'' he responds, opening his eyes. ''But damn, aren't you gonna get dressed?'' he wriggles his eyebrows at your clothless form. You slap his face away and wear a shirt.

''Listen, when you close your eyes, concentrate. Remember everything you did as a wolf. Imagine the trees, the smell of damp wood, the taste of deer against your teeth...''

You see him close his eyes and inhale deeply, but it wasn't long before his serene expression contorts into a scowl of annoyance. ''It's not working!'' he moans, as you let out a long sigh.

''What's not working~'' a voice hums outside the door. Jisoo walks in, hips swaying in her overly tight dress.

''your brain'' you scoff lightly.

''As you can see, I've come to get my daily dose'' she pops, tying her hair into a ponytail. ''Y/N, out please''

''Excuse me?'' you remark, eyebrows quirked. ''Whatever you're gonna do, I'm gonna watch''

She rolls her eyes so far up you thought they were going to pop out. She braces herself against him and opens her mouth wide, not taking one bite, but three across his arm. After moaning like a horny bitch, you decide to look away after all.

''We could've had more fun if she wasn't watching'' she mutters, tracing her fingers along his stomach.

''I-I'm good'' he lets out, exhausted after the blood drain. She finally lets go and licks her lips clean, ruffling his hair. ''I'll be back tomorrow'' she winks, walking out the door.

''How long are you going to let her do that to you?'' you ask, grimacing at the swollen bite marks on his arm. He shrugs, looking down sadly. Putting an arm round him, you pull him in for a hug.


In School

''Settle down, everyone'' the teacher called, typing away on her keyboard.

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