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prologue – louis

1733, East Doncaster.

“Where are you going this time, young lad?”

            Louis sighed, shutting his eyes closed. His father had repeatedly told him to always count to ten in order to control his anger, although it seemed rather impossible these days to control himself when his grandmother was always pushing him to his limits. He straightened up, fixing his bowtie and sighing, he turned around to face the old woman, “I’m going to apply for a job, grandma.” he finally said, forcing a smile on his thin lips.

            “Ah, that’s a delightful thing to finally hear.” his grandmother shook her head, talking into a monotonous, boring tone, “I’m sure they will be tolerant enough to accept you and you will finally become the man your father always aspired you to be.”

            “Grandmother, I’m twenty-five years old, I think I already am the man my father aspired me to be.” Louis replied with sass. His mother always told him he was big – mouthed and never missed the chance to talk back, and he never quite tried to change his personality in order to appear normal or controlled. “Now, I’m sorry that I will leave you alone, and I will definitely miss your company terribly, but my future job is waiting for me.” and with that, he rushed out of the small house, shutting the door closed with a loud, echoing noise. “Stupid bitch.” he muttered under his breath, walking towards the center of the town.



            He could feel the box moving in his hands as he held it tightly against his chest, looking around to check if anyone was watching him or giving him weird looks. It was quite a surprise to him when he first heard that the circus was coming for the first time in town from grandmother of all people, however he couldn’t just let this chance pass away, not when he had been waiting for it for so long. “Shh, Timmy,” he whispered to the box, pressing his nose against the wood that still smelled of fine wine, the one his father had bought for him when he was fifteen, the one his grandmother drank all of it on one go one night and Louis didn’t ever get a taste of it. “C’mon Timmy, be polite. Or else they won’t accept us in there and then you won’t be fed for a month again.” The snake seemed to calm down after that.

            It was really impossible for anyone not to notice that the circus was in town the first time in years, way before Louis was born. The huge tent that surrounded it might have been from a couple of minutes out of town, however it could be seen from any tall building, and the closer Louis got, the more excitement would build up inside his sternum, making him feel all fuzzy and weird, but in the best way possible.

            Him and Timmy were a team; always. From the moment Louis found him in the woods during his family’s summer holiday in Spain, the snake would only listen to him and only, always obeying his orders and understanding his each command. And so he was immediately responsible for the lives of his entire family and eventually learnt to be depended to himself and only. He could never pass as someone who was naïve by nature. “Timmy stop.” His tone was straightforward and bold, and the snake stopped moving inside the box instantly. “Good boy, he murmured to himself before finally arriving in front of the tent.

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