Chapter 7 - You thought, bitch.

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N O  O N E

"Drink this." Bianca commanded. Nico immediately gulped down the strage liquid his sister had handed to him, unlike his boyfriend Will who looked hesitant, before the bottle's tip met his plumped lips.

"Bianca, you should've given it to them later. They don't even know what it is yet!" Astro complained as he hands flew into the air, before faling back down to their previous place in his lap.

The couple looked confused, it evidently shown on their faces. The daughter of Hades smirked slightly, the corners of her lips twitching up.

"You blue baffoon. Of course they know what it is, right? Otherwise they wouldn't have drank it." Astro's wife replied as she glanced at the gay couple in front of them worridly.

Nico gulped, a sheepish grin now placed on his lips. "No?"

The straight couple facepalmed in unison. "That was as stupid as how Gordon Ramsay lit the whole hotel's kitchen that one time, where they were launching the press launch for Ocean's 8." Astro sighed.

Bianca's gorgeous face lit up in amusement. "I remember this! They were all stood out on the street, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon. Everyone!" She exclaimed in a similar tone to the famous host of the Late Late show.

The son of the pit sighed, his head now in his hands. "No, not another James Corden."

The said son's wife huffed in annoyance. "I'll have you know he's one of the best comedians alive, he's even sponsored BTS on his show! No racism, nothing Astro. N-O-T-H-I-N-G. Respect to the man! His wife is a sweetheart, as well!" She kept ranting on about James Corden and his family, spouting out facts that no one needed to know. And they definitely did not need to know about what colour his boxers were on the day of his wedding, which made Nico scrunch his face up in disgust.

How did his sister know that?

"Sweetie," Astro hushed sweetly, "you're ranting again. If you want to rant about something, rant about Lisa from BLACKPINK's underweight body mass or something. Not about JC's boxers. You might as well be talking about Hades' underwear. I'm sure you can ask Nico about that experience, I remember teasing him every day for two weeks after that because he was utterly traumatised." He let out a small chuckle, which is followed by full blown laughter.

Nico's face flushed a deep red colour, recalling the events mentioned. Will's musical joined in with Astro's, both remembering the pale face of the son of Hades.

Bianca also left out an amused laugh. "Wait, so you had no clue what we just gave you, and you live in a demigod camp?"

Will nodded in confirmation, his boyfriend momentarily trying to rid the horrifying experience of seeing his father's underwear.

Astro smirked, nothing the old Percy would do. {A/N: At this point I had written out a load of sea puns, but I remembered he was a son of Tartarus so I couldn't make any jokes XD T - T.}

"You'll find out soon enough." The son fo the pit said smugly.

Small rays of light passed through the barrier. "Well, it seems like we've been here all night. Campers will probably be flooding into the Arena, and you've missed breakfast by the way."

Will look distraught. "No breakfast? WHeRe iS My bAcoN?"

Nico rolled his eyes. "I'm sure P-ASstro can get you something."

Bianca chuckled. "ASStro."

Astro laughed. "Dam right." Then he started laughing harder, the tears of joy pouring down his cheeks.

The rest shared a quick laugh, but stopped laughly. Astro kept laughing, thinking about the inside joke he had just made to himself. His comrades couldn't relate, so they just stared down at him.

He eventually stopped laughing {accidentally but stopped breathing lmao}. "Sorry, I just made an inside joke."

The campers outside started whispering and gossiping outside, possibly a sign of impaitence.

Once all the campers were assembled and the rowdiness started to get out of hand, Astro clapped his hands together, sending a stream of power waves to disable his barrier and to silence all the campers.

"Tsk, tsk." The raven haired boy complained while shaking his head disapprovingly. "You haven't improved since the last time I saw you. Where's all the disciplien you once had gone?"

A shout of disagreement echoed through the Arena, their voice frail and weak from what appeared to be sobbing. "That's not true! We still have the courage our generation had during the Second Wars! You of all people should know that Percy!"

Astro's aura became dark, the sun was blocked with condensed clouds as dread spread across the Arena and even beyond, filling them with fear.

"Is my name Percy, wisdom spawn?" His voice echoed, the venom dripped from every word. He turned towards the daughter of Athena with a sickening smile.

"Yes, yes it is! Don't you remember? Don't you remember how your name would roll off my tongue, how we used to kiss under the moonlight stars? How we would say hello to the stars for Bob and Zoë? How we used to cry ourselves to sleep, knowing the tortures of Tartarus would never get to us if we had each other?" Annabeth wailed, the tears threatening to spill from her eyes.

Bianca's blood boiled, her fists were tightly clenched together while the shadows started to surround Annabeth's body without her realising, the servants ready to clench her throat if need be.

"Why don't you come show me, Wise Girl?" Astro rang out in a sickly sweetening voice. The blonde's eyes lit up as the whole camp watched her jump from her seat and straight to main platform. Her arms were wide open and the tears started streaming down her cheeks as a gracious smile was on her face. It was as if her whole life didn't matter up until this moment and she had no worries in the world.

That wasn't the case.

A bare 5 feet away from Astro, who still had that fake smile on, opened his stiffened arms for an embrace never to come.

Some of the campers had spotted the shadows moving oddly, and had tried to warn Annabeth.

Alas, it was too late.

Her fallible body suddenly froze, jerking forward slightly. It was as if she was a freeze frame, her joyful emotions still evient on her ruined face. Realisation soon dawned on her, as she tried to struggle against the invincible forces that bound her.

Annabeth's grey orbs that were once stirking were now a dull, broken look as they landed on Bianca, who had a sadistic smile that highlighted her features.

The forces started tightening around her neck as well as her abdominal area, ridding her supply to the oxygen she needed. Her expression turned horrified, the colour on her face slowly fading away. The body's posture was revolting, bending in different directions, the repelling sounds of the countless joints popping was disorienting. Innocent eyes were glued to the horrifying scene before them.

Their camp leader was being tortured.

Astro and Bianca both shared a face-splitting sadistic grin that could rival Tartarus'.

"You thought, bitch."


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