Chapter 1

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"Your Hal?" Hermione squealed when I told her about my recent discovery - my husband's affair.

"Yes" I nodded and got a pasta for boiling water.

"With Penelope Blossom?"

I rolled my eyes and looked at my friend.



"Hermione, damn it. They fucked on the desk in the newsroom. Let it be. That was a month ago," I said irritably and sat down beside her.

"Calm down, Alice." Hermione crossed her arms.

"I am calm. " I answered, with a slight smile. Hal Cooper no longer interested me.

"For sure?"

"Yes, I only regret the eight years I've spent with him."

"Hal was the best guy in the town! The richest boy from Northside."

"I didn't care how much money he had"

"And also he was bad in bed, right?" Hermione said, and I choked.

"You are stupid" I got up and went to the stove.

"I'm not stupid because you know I'm right," Hermione laughed. "Admit that".

"You're right," I murmured as I strained the pasta. Then I gave it to the pan and added chopped cheese and pieces of broccoli.


"Hal was bad in bed"

"Not like FP Jones ..." when I heard the name of my ex-fiancée, I swallowed loudly. Hermione noticed that something was wrong because tears appeared in my eyes. "I'm sorry, Al.. Alice..." she stood up and came to me.

"Nothing has happened" I forced myself to smile. "FP and me... It's over," I added.

"You are a beautiful, gorgeous and sexy woman, you will surely find a handsome, rich businessman!"

"I don't need a man with a big, fat wallet"

"Yeah... You need a man with a big, fat di-"

"Dinner is ready, Hermione!" I shouted and turned off the stove.

"Mommy!" the door opened and inside came in, Polly, Betty and Hal.

"Hello, princesses!" I said and knelt on the floor to hug them. "How was at school?" I asked, ignoring Hal, who greeted Hermione.

"Great! We have a new friend!" Betty shouted and grabbed Polly's hand.

"He will come to play with us today!" Polly started jumping for joy.

The smile of my daughters was the most beautiful sight for me.

"Alice, can we talk?" Hal approached me. I sighed and looked at him.

"Sierra will talk to you about our divorce soon," I replied, and he sighed heavily.

"Girls, let's have fun outside" Hermione smiled at me and grabbed Polly and Betty's hand.

When I stayed alone with Hal, I rolled my eyes. I leaned my hand on the kitchen counter.

"I know I made a mistake, but I want to have good contact with my daughters," he said, and I nodded.

"You can visit them whenever you like," I shrugged.

"I can pick them up from school, take them for ice cream or take to the restaurant and bring them home"

"That's a good idea, but do not overdo it with the ice cream, because Betty had a sore throat recently".

"Yes yes I know"

"I left a notice on the desk in your office. Did you see it? "I muttered in disgust at the mention of this desk.

"Yes. You don't have to leave your job" Hal wanted to touch me, but I moved away from him.

"I can't work with you in one place. With you and your mistress"

"Home is yours"

"And the newsroom is yours" I nodded. "We will take a divorce and we'll try to stay out of our way." I added, and he smiled slightly.

"I will go now. Penelope is waiting," he said.

"See you, Hal"

Immediately after Hal left the house, Hermione entered with my daughters. I smiled.

"I knew their new friend name," Hermione said, slightly upset.

"How?" I asked and looked at my daughters.

"Jughead," Betty answered.

"Very nice name" I smiled.

"Jones ..." Hermione muttered under her breath. I frowned.

"What did you say?" I put my hands on my hips.

"Jughead Jones." Hermione repeated it louder and my heart beat hard.

It is impossible. FP's son? Does this mean that FP has returned to the town?

I was dizzy because I haven't heard about this man for eight years and suddenly he appears in the town?!

"Yes!" Polly cheered.

I couldn't say a word. I sat on a chair and took a deep breath.

"Maybe you'll go to the room to change your clothes and then we'll eat our dinner?" Hermione asked, and my daughters nodded. They ran up the stairs to their rooms. "Carefully!"

"What will I do now?" I asked and clenched my fist. I put her on my knee.

"We'll think about it, I promise." Hermione hugged me.


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