Swapped Three

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K, when I say Cat Noir, I mean Marinette. When I say Ladybug, I mean Adrien.


"Okay, so his powers are basically just like mine..." Marinette sighed as she went through it again. Today she had Adrien's outfit, and her parents had giggled at it, saying she liked Adrjen way too much.

"I still can't believe we can't change kwamis," She groaned as she sat down on her bed.

She and Adrien had tried to switch kwamis back, but when she had said what she needed to say to transform, it didn't work. They found out that no matter what they did, they would be each other until they defeated Exchanger.

"But I like it this way," Place exclaimed. "Don't tell Adrien this, but I like you better. You give me cheese without any complains, unlike Adrien." He rolled his eyes.

Marinette giggled at this. "I'm supposed to treat you nicely anyway."

She then turned back to what she was wearing. She would have removed it and went to school in her normal clothes, but she couldn't. It was like the clothes were stuck on her.

Exchanger had said they were going to live each other's lives, so she understood what was going on. It was just... Embarrassing...

When she had gotten to school, Chloe had laughed her head off, saying things like "why are you wearing Adrien's clothes. Trying to be like him? Well, he will never like you, Marinette. Stop trying so hard to get him to notice you."

If Adrien hadn't stepped forward, and showed everyone what he was wearing, Marinette was sure she would have fought Chloe right on the spot.

Adrien was wearing her clothes. He quickly explained to everyone that he and her got dared to switch clothes and see what it is like. That shut Chloe up.

"I wonder what today is going to be," Marinette wondered. "What? This time will I have his voice?"

"Well, lets see," Plagg was thinking as well. "You guys exchanged for the first time on Wednesday. That day on Wednesday, you guys switched kwamis and bodies.

" On Thursday, you guys switched hair color. On Friday, which is now, you guys are switching clothes. Wow, Exchanger must be desperate to see others be each other."

"I wonder what made that villain get akumatized," Marinette grabbed her pillow.

"She probably got jealous of someone she wanted to be," Plagg shrugged.

"Yeah... Okay, back to what we were learning?" Marinette raised her eyebrows.

"Oh yes," Plagg remembered. "So, you can only use Cataclysm once before you have to change back and feed me. Oh and do you know what the most important thing is?"

"What is is?"

"My favorite cheese is Camembert."

"Is that it?" Marinette rolled her eyes, but laughed at it. "K, what do I say when I want to transform?"

"Just say 'Plagg, claws out!'"

Marinette nodded. "Plagg, claws out!"

The kwami went inside ring she was wearing, which she had also exchanged as well. There instead of Marinette, was Cat Noir.

She hopped out the window, using the baton for help, she hopped on another building.

People of Paris had also noticed the new change. How would they know? Cat Noir now had longer dark hair, and Ladybug had blonde messy hair.

"Hey, Ladybug!" Cat Noir turned to Ladybug who had called out to her.

"Remember, I'm Cat Noir now," Cat Noir reminded. "And you're Ladybug."

"Right," Ladybug smiled as he went through his blonde hair. "So, ready to do this?"

"Ready to defeat Exchanger and return back to who I once was?" Cat Noir smiled. "Of course I am!"

"Then let's go!"

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