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bio: the snacc that eats bacc



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wearevenom you know we had to do it to em


clintcoffee     there's something on your neck

wearevenom @clintcoffee that's me

clintcoffee     @wearevenom what do you mean that's you? who's the guy then...?

wearevenom @clintcoffee it is @eddiebrock we are VENOM

clintcoffee     haha dude what

nataliakills   @clintcoffee is that a parasite?!

wearevenom @nataliakills PARASITE? WE SAVED THE WORLD

buckbarnes    i am shaking

user818272     you look like tom hardy lol

anthonystark I feel so poor being on the gram tbh. @doctorbrucebanner look at the types of people on here... parasite!

doctorbrucebanner @anthonystark symbiote hater don't speak

nyoomie         peak tumblr grunge aesthetic right there

peterparkers great pic mr. brock!

flashflashflash @peterparkers loser

nataliakills      u know the host of This parasite? @peterparkers

user999oo9       follow back

flashflashflash omg black widow just responded to Parker

flashflashflash WHY DID SHE REPLY @peterparkers TO U

nataliakills       @flashflashflash block list 💫

jonesjess             why is this on my explore

tomhardy           what the hell

thor                      dashing

itsanne                💖

not_thanos          i am... disgusted

nataliakills        @not_thanos kill list 💫

youngavengers 😍

starlordpeter    follow me

antscott               adorable :)

starlordpeter    follow pls

captainrogers   😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐

olliesolives         buy your olives! fresh olives! fried olives! see bio!

ALIEN78              {['}{\? {'[{|}[\¿

shuri                     fascinating

ultronvirus        donate bitcoin!!! spare some bitcoin!!!!

BartholomewAllen what timeline is this. . . Wait what earth is this omg

lokilaufeysons    that's an ugly cat u have

fitzblitz                 mate. that's not right.

nicfury                  now I've seen many things in my line of work, but never, have I ever seen something like this.

helaisdead           midgard is so ugly

helaisdead           you're an exception, how much for the symbiote? i have souls.

odin_totally_dead  ^huh?!

groot                      i am groot

redskulls              this is hot

redskulls              this is not* lol autocorrect

tonysgoldbutt     are all u heroes just going to comment here bc downtown is being ATTACKED... like... do yalls job?!

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