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Ethans POV
I was laying in my hospital bed after therapy. My mom comes in the door holding a bag of food. I notice the bag is from a small restaurant in our town. She comes over and sits down. "I got you something to eat since I know you don't like the food here," she said with a small smile. "Yes thank you so much I don't know how much longer I could last eating this food." My mom kind of laughed as she handed me my food. As I was eating I heard the door open again as I see Alivia walk in. "I'm back again," she said. "Hey Alivia," I said. She walked over and stood by my bed. The doctor walked in and said, "Oh you're busy right now. I was just coming to say that I was going to let you see your back after surgery because we have to change the gauze. I'll wait till you are done eating." He smiled and walked out. My mom said, "I'm going to the bathroom and wait for your father because he's coming." I shook my head okay and she walked out. "Well, I guess you finally see your back today." I shook my head and said, "Yeah but I don't really want to see my back. I don't want to see my scar I'll have." Alivia said, "Well look at it like this, you'll have something to show the battle you went through. The battle you fought and you won. You'll be able to tell everyone about it." I said, "You know, maybe you're right. I should be proud of these scars." She smiled as she sat down and I continued eating my meal.

After a while, my mom came back in with my dad. "So we're getting to see your back today," my dad said. "Sure am dad," I said. "Well you'll have a battle scar I guess." I shook my head as the doctor can back in. "Are we all ready now?" I shook my head yes as I got turned to my side. I looked at my parents that were sitting in front of me as I could feel the gauze being taken off my back and the doctor touching the surgery spot. I have to say, that hurt. Whenever he would touch it, I felt like someone was burning me. I wanted to scream but I couldn't. I held it all back. "Everything is looking okay, there is no in infection. Would you like to come over and see it?" My parents shook their heads as I saw them walk over and didn't hear them say anything. "Well what does it look like," I asked my parents. "Do you want a picture," My mom asked.(I literally feel like no one does this) I shook my head yes as she took my phone and I heard the camera go off I my new phone. My parents got me a new phone after I woke up since the one I had before was broke in the locker room. My mom handed me my phone and I saw the picture. It was a long dark line on my back that was stitched up. I didn't know if I wanted to cry or not. I wanted to because I never saw my life being like this. I didn't because I knew that it would not look like this forever. The doctor put new gauze on and I laid back down.

My moms phone started ringing so she stepped out and took it. "Do you know who it is," I asked my dad. He shook his head no as he no idea. A couple of minutes later my mom came back in and said to my dad, "Can we come and talk?" My dad shook his head as they stepped out. What could be wrong? I looked at my phone and went online for the first time in a long time. In the hospital, I mostly watch tv or spend time on my phone but I don't go on social media. I saw that people were talking about me all over social media, but not bad talking. It was telling me to get better and prayers for me. People who moved away from me on the first day I went back after they knew, they said they were sorry and that they hoped I got better. People texted me about how sorry they were and said that they hope I come back. Alivia was right, people will move on and they did. My mom walked back in with my dad. "What was that about," I asked. "They are allowing is to see your car. I didn't know if you wanted to go or not." I didn't even know myself after she said that. I didn't want to see the aftermath. But I just wanted to get over it. "Yes I would like to go and see my car," I said. My mom shook her head as she went to go and get the doctor. "Did they tell you how bad it was?" My dad shook his head, "No they just said that we could come and see it. They also said that there is no way to fix it, your cars totaled." I just sat in the bed looking at my dad till my mom came back with the doctor. "Ethan, I will allow you to go but this is the last time I a couple of days alright?" I shook my head as an okay. "You know the basics so I will allow you to go." He walked out as I got on the same clothes that I had on when I went to the football game. My dad got my wheelchair as I was put in and moved my pointless legs as well. My dad pushed me as I was rolled down the hallway. We got outside into the cold and I got lit inside my dads car.

We parked in a parking spot and got out. My mom wheeled me into a small office as a man was sitting looking at a computer. "How can I help you," He asked when he saw us. "Umm you called me and said I could look at my sons car." He shook his head and asked, "Lisa Dolan?" My mom shook her head as he put some stuff into the computer. "It's a black BMW right?" My mom shook her head as the man stood up as said to follow him. We won't put the back into a field of cars that all looked like they had gotten into accidents. We went down till I came to a stop and looked at the so called "car" in front of me. "Well I'll leave you guys alone. The exit is just the way we came out alright?" We shook her heads as the guy walked away. The front of my car was completely crushed and the right side of my car was also smashed in. I remember getting the head on but not getting t boned. "Oh my god," my mom sis as she started crying into my dad. My dad hugged her as he places a hand on my shoulder. I don't know if I can look at this. I don't know if coming here was a good idea. I knew that if I didn't come it would be on me for the rest of my life. The image of my car, completely totaled will be in my head forever. "I'm really sorry son," my dad said. I didn't say anything or move, just sat there looking at the car. "Can we go," I asked. "What?" I said, "Can we go? I don't think I can sit here and look at this much longer." My dad shook his head as we made our way out of the field and back to the car. The whole ride back the hospital was silent. I got back into my hospital gown and laid looking at my phone. I called Alivia.

Me- Hey can you come down?
Alivia- Yeah what's wrong
Me- Going through some stuff
Alivia- Alright
Me- Bring Grayson to
Alivia- But aren't your parents at home? Won't they question why I'm coming for him?
Me- Just tell the truth, they'll trust you with him
Alivia- Alright see you soon
Me- See you soon
I need to see Grayson.

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